Online Bingo: Our All-In-One Guide!

The world of online Bingo can seem like a minefield of information, which is why we are here today to give you our detailed All in One Guide to Bingo. We will be compiling everything you need to know right here! We will be taking a look at:

  • The best place to play online Bingo
  • The story of Bingo over time
  • Different varieties of online Bingo
  • How to get started playing online Bingo!

Best Online Bingo Sites

Here we have gathered the best selection of reputable online Bingo sites. We have taken the hassle out of researching for you! We take safety very seriously, so reputable sites are a must and as we strive for only the best, we took a good look around for those with excellent customer service. 

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On top of this, we gathered those offering a wide range of payment methods. Take a look through our round-up of the best online Bingo sites in this game guide.

History of Bingo

Bingo has been around for centuries, but do you know how it came to be one of the world’s most loved games? Let’s take a look at the story of Bingo! 

  • 1530: Around this time noble and wealthy Italians played the game we know to be most similar to Bingo. The game was known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. It loosely translates to “the game of lotto in Italy”, this early form of Bingo was traditionally played on a Sunday.
  • 1770s: By this time, Lotto had become so popular it crossed borders for the first time, spreading to France as “Le Lotto”. The French spiced things up a bit and the bingo cards were modified into the standard 3 rows, 9 vertical, that now make up the 90 ball bingo card of today.
  • 1800s: Interestingly, when Lotto found its way to Germany, it was as a child’s educational game. The game aimed to teach anything from numbers to adjectives. 
  • 1929: The first instance of bingo also known as “beano” was noted in America. The game gained popularity as a carnival game in Atlanta, Georgia. Before this time there was no consistent name for the game. One day, in the USA, a player mistakenly shouted BINGO instead of BEANO, and the name stuck! A toy salesman called Edward Lowe heard the error and thought it sounded better. He decided to market and mass-produce the game under this new name. Lowe collaborated with a maths professor, Carl Leffler, to create 6,000 different Bingo cards for production.
  • 1934: Bingo hit the mainstream. Astonishingly, there were roughly 10,000 bingo games played weekly by Americans. 
  • 1996: For a short history of modern Bingo, we only need to delve as far as the internet. Bingo first went digital in 1996, with a free play game, “Bingo Zone”. Subsequently, significant strides have been made with bingo software creating a tremendous amount of casino games, mobile sites and apps. 
  • 2020: With more than 10,000 games of online Bingo being played every day, the classic game has come a long way since 1530.

Different Types of Bingo

90-Ball Bingo

During this game, 90 numbers will be announced throughout the game, and each number will only be called once. If the called number features on your bingo card, then you simply mark it off. The game is played with six 3×9 grid cards simultaneously. There are three ways in which players can win, including one line, two lines or a full house (all numbers on the card).

Speed Bingo

This fast-paced version is also known as 30 ball Bingo. As this game uses a low amount of balls, the games fly by quickly! The cards use a 3×3 grid card to give you just nine numbers to cover. Numbers range from 1-30. The first player to complete the grid wins.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

This game is named after the classic TV show. The version is very similar to 90 ball bingo, in a sense the cards follow the same format. However, in DoND Bingo players select a numbered box at the start of the game. There are four prizes up on the offer as opposed to three. 

Players are rewarded for one line, two lines, a full house and the Deal or No Deal feature, though a player must get a full house before being eligible for the unique feature. When the feature is offered, the player must choose whether to take home the jackpot on offer or to see what prize lies within the box they selected at the beginning. 

Roll On Bingo

In this version the game continues past one full-house winner until more people obtain a full house. Multiple prizes can be awarded, offering plenty of chances to win.  

Lucky Numbers Bingo

In this game players select three lucky numbers. Next, match one, two or three of the chosen lucky numbers with any of the balls when the one line, two-line and/or full house is won, and you will win a lucky numbers jackpot.

75-Ball Bingo

Popular with Americans and Canadians, this game follows a 5×5 grid. A free space occupies the centre square. In 75 Ball Bingo, there are many ways to win. Players can complete a single line horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

80-Ball Bingo

This version runs at a faster pace than 90 Ball Bingo. Players use a 4×4 card with 16 numbers. There are four different ways to win. Occasionally the game comes with a progressive jackpot.

Bingo Rules

Essentially, the objective of any game of Bingo is to complete a series of numbers on your game card before the other players. The amount to complete will vary depending on the version of the game. Some Bingo variants require all numbers to co, and others offer a win at one or two lines. 

As described above, Roll On online Bingo permits after the first winner has completed all of their game cards. It’s essential to understand the rules of your chosen game of Bingo by reading before playing. Online Bingo is very fast-paced; you don’t want to get left behind.

How to Play Bingo Online?

To get playing Bingo online, all you need to do is read this definitive guide! Once you are ready to go, select one of our recommended casinos and sign up. Account verification these days is most often a quick email verification away, so just make sure to confirm all registration steps immediately. Once you are in, get ready to explore the world of online Bingo.

Online Bingo vs. Video Bingo – What are the differences?

Video Bingo is a virtual game, where the outcome is generated by an RNG (Random number generator). This is a term you may have heard of when playing slots. It means the numbers called are genuinely random and are tested for fairness by independent entities. One such body is eCOGRA who checks for fairness in casino games. This stamp of approval ensures you are playing an entirely fair game.

The main difference between video Bingo and online Bingo is that the latter is a multiplayer game where players all play together in the same room, while video Bingo is a virtual game which is played solo. This is similar to the difference between video Poker and online Poker. In short, video Bingo and video Poker are RNG games, whereas online Bingo and online Poker are player to player games. 

Both Bingo options are safe and secure for players. We recommend trying each type with a small percentage of your bankroll to see which you prefer. Many people love online Bingo as the games often come with a live chat room. Players get to know one another and there is even an online Bingo lingo with special terms. Here’s a few, WDW (Well done winner!) or 1TG, one (number) to go!

Most Popular Bingo Strategies

Before you get playing, it’s always a good idea to pay extra attention to the costs involved with your chosen game. Games require a fee to enter the Bingo room, and that will be multiplied for additional tickets you purchase. 

Usually, online casinos run offers and promotions for Bingo, keep an eye on your emails. Take advantage of the best online Bingo offers, and these can help expand your bankroll and give you higher chances of a win. Ultimately there’s no secret on how to win online Bingo; games are genuinely random.

Finally, it’s well noted that you should play with as many tickets that your budget will permit. Bingo, much like many other casino games, is based on chances and probabilities. Winning with only a single card is very unlikely, and if that is your aim, you want to play with as many as possible. The downside of this strategy is you must be careful with your budget. Try not to overspend or chase losses.

Free Bingo

The best way to understand which variant you prefer is to play online games for free. Playing free Bingo is an excellent way to practice before playing for real money. Will you opt for fast-paced games or a quirky twist like Deal or No Deal Bingo? Take a look at our selected sites here where you can play free online Bingo games:

Our Best Bingo Tips

Ultimately Bingo is a game of chance. Nobody has control over the numbers on the cards or the numbers to be called. Legitimate sites are tested for fairness, so it really does come down to luck! There are a few pointers to help you along your way, check our online Bingo strategy advice above. Once you are clued up, sign up at one of our recommended online casinos.

Bingo FAQ 

Is it safe to play Bingo online?

All of the sites we have recommended are safe to play at. These have been tested by independent entities such as eCOGRA for fairness. Rest assured playing at our top recommended sites is a secure experience. Unfortunately, there are many new Bingo sites which are not safe.

On which website can I play online Bingo for real money?

We have gathered our top recommendations of safe casinos at the start of this guide. Scroll up and you will find plenty to choose from.

How can I win at Bingo?

Just like all casino games, Bingo comes down to luck! Numbers and cards played are genuinely randomised. You can take a look at our top strategies to help you along your way. Look out for online Bingo bonus offers, to make your bankroll stretch further.

Can I play Bingo for free online?

Playing Bingo online for free is always a great idea. Earlier in this guide, we have suggested some top sites where you can try online Bingo with no deposit.

Last Updated on September 14, 2020