Casino Cashback Bonus India

Cashback bonuses are one of the many great types of bonuses available to players in online casinos. Fortunately, this bonus, which is quite interesting for the player, has become more common on online gambling sites in recent years. Casinos have found that it is the best way to reward loyal players. Players also like this bonus, as it makes playing for real money a little less riskier overall.

A Cashback bonus can be found in the current online offering in a versatile way and it is a great addition to the everyday life for a lot of players. It is also well known that luck may not always be good when playing casino games. Cashback bonuses allow the player to recoup some of their potential losses. In this article, we’ll start exploring the essence of this type of bonus and try to shed light on everything related to it.

What is a Cashback Bonus?

Casino Cashback Bonus

“The most common percentage for a casino cashback offer is between 5% and 10%”

The online casino Cashback is one of the casinos’ numerous bonus offers. Cashback simply explains how to reimburse some of the money lost by the player. While many players would certainly like to find a 100% Cashback bonus benefit for themselves, the bonus usually range between 5% and 20%. The most common is the mid-level 10% Cashback bonus.

Most commonly, this particular form of bonus can be found in slot games, but today they are also more and more found in the live dealer games category. By taking advantage of cash returns, players can kind of save money by recovering some of their potential losses. In other words, you get more value for your money without risk. It’s hard to come up with a casino player for whom a deal like this wouldn’t suit you better!

Casino Cashback Bonus Percentage

The most common percentage that a casino Cashback offers is between 5% and 10%. Sure, even bigger bonuses can be found, but it’s not that common. To make it even clearer, let’s also say that the Cashback bonus is actually the same thing as a Cashback. When that term is translated, its ultimate essence also opens up perhaps even better.

In the case of cash refunds, this means that a certain percentage of the money lost by a player is refunded. What could be nicer than getting to play your favourite games knowing that if any losses hit, some of them will be refunded!

How does Cashback work?

As with other bonuses, it is always a good idea to check the bonus terms and conditions for cash refunds. This to ensure no surprises with regards to wagering requirements will occur.

Although a casino cashback bonus works in a really simple way (the player gets a certain percentage of the money they play or lose back), there may be differences. For example, whether the cashback bonus money can be withdrawn / withdrawn directly, or if there are some sort of bonus wagering conditions?

Cashback Bonus Cap

Often there is also some maximum payout cap that can be made on a cashback bonus. It is also worth noting that very often this bonus is tied to a certain / certain casino games, meaning it cannot be used freely in all casino games.

Cashback Games

It is very common for a cashback bonus to be available for certain casino-defined slot games. Although the cashback bonus is most common in this category of games, ie slots, online casinos have also in recent years expanded this form of bonus to include betting, poker and live casino games.

Where Can I Find Cashback Bonuses?

Cash refunds are now relatively easy to find. For example, lists on this website casinos that offer a casino cashback benefit and offer this particular form of bonus to their customers.

With these clear and easy-to-read listings, it’s a breeze to get the best bonus benefits for yourselves. Best of all, the lists are updated regularly!

When looking for for casino cashback bonuses, make use of at least the following tips:

  • Check listings regularly
  • Visit the Promotions pages for online casinos
  • Carefully read the newsletters sent by the casinos
  • Read the bonus rules and guide how to claim a cashback bonus

So the easiest way to find cashback bonuses is to check out our top listings. Of course, they can also be found by visiting the online casinos’ own “Promotions” sections, which usually have at least 3 to 10 different casino promotions / tournaments per week. Depending on the casino, usually at least one of the available promotions is one where you can also grab yourself cash back bonuses.

Many online casinos also send their registered customers newsletters via SMS as well as email. Usually, these promotional letters showcase the benefits on offer, such as the various bonus amounts offered.

It is worth noting, however, that casino newsletters are usually only available to registered customers of the casino. Meaning that if you have not registered your casino account you may miss out on many great benefits including the very attractive cashback bonus.

Miscellaneous Cashback Bonuses

Various cashback bonuses are now available in different sizes. How this bonus works is actually very simple. A percentage of your net losses, or a percentage of your turnover is returned in the form of a cashback casino bonus.

For example, a cashback casino bonus can be tied to a certain maximum bonus amount or the payout can be tied to a certain game. Cashback bonuses can also be part of the welcome bonus pack.

So this interesting and usually quite appealing bonus for the player is available today for many different casino games. As mentioned earlier, slots, video poker, live dealer games, and even betting are common.

Weekly Cashback Bonuses

Many online casinos have also made it a habit to activate their own customers with weekly bonuses. Which means that every week the casino can choose a game of the week (which is usually a slot game) and the player gets a 10% cashback bonus on their potential losses.

Wagering Requirement

Usually, offers like this also come with some kind of condition. Meaning that the casino has determined a wagering requirement on the amount. For example, how many rounds a player must play in that game in order for that bonus to be released. Also, the minimum bet for a game round is usually well defined.

Once the wagering requirement of the cashback is completed, you are free to play the money in any game of your choosing. You can also make a cash withdrawal request.

Eligibility of a Casino Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonus offers are used both to attract new players as well as activate old players and in connection with the launch of new slots.

Cashback Bonus in Betting

This particular form of bonus is also great for betting. For example, there may be an advantage where the player must first place a bet on a specific match. For example, if the bet is settled a loss, the player will receive a risk-free / free bet in return.

In other words, if a player places a real money bet and loses, the casino will pay that amount back into the player’s account. There are also limits on the amount of cashback bonuses for betting, and of course the amount of the bonus itself is always well defined.

Various cashback bonuses:

  • Bonuses tied to promotions and tournaments
  • Slot cashback bonus
  • Betting bonus
  • Live casino cashback bonuses
  • Turnover cashback
  • Net loss cashback

Casino Cashback Bonuses India

Throughout the year of 2021 the cashback bonuses have continued to hold their ground. More and more casino sites have added this particular bonus treat to their own promotion offering.

A casino cashback bonus can be enjoyed in promotions, tournaments, new customer benefits as well as casino VIP programs. As the bonus promotions at casino operators diversifies, players will also benefit as there are constantly more great promotions for players to claim.

Expiry Period

These bonuses are either available as a one-time offer, for example, in the form of a welcome bonus or targeted to specific online casino promotions, or the cashback bonuses are part of an ongoing longterm offer. This means that a continuous cash back will refund the player for some of the losses, for example every week or in some cases even every day. Thus, with the favorable grant of this bonus, the player can save a long penny of money when viewed on a longer sample.

Benefit of Casino Bonuses

The indisputable fact is that a casino player can get a real benefit for themselves by deciding to take advantage of a welcome bonus, free spins, reload bonuses or a cashback bonus offered by the casino on a regular basis.

Various welcome bonus packages can be found in the casino market today. They sometimes allow the player to choose the most preferred advantage from a few different bonus options. For example, there may be free spins, Reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, etc. In some cases, the casino may allow a player to choose one or two of the three bonus options mentioned above for their favourite and best fit.

In 2021 big cashback bonuses with wagering requirement have become more common and that’s what makes any casino player’s games turn up.

Best Cashback Bonuses

As stated earlier, this interesting form of cashback bonus can now be found more frequently. As with other bonuses, the thing about cashback bonuses is that what works for one player may not be in the interest of another player at all. That’s why it’s a great thing to always check out different options.

The majority of players are primarily interested in cash refunds expressed as percentage of. Which may therefore offer an amount of, for example, 5% to 20% of a player’s potential net losses. As mentioned earlier, the 100% cashback casino bonus is more of an urban legend than an available or realistic advantage.

However, it is worth to remember that already a 20% casino cash back is really generous, which is definitely one that is worth playing for!

Turnover Cashback

Slightly less common cashback bonuses in this bonus category are cash refunds for a player’s individual bets. Of course, there are also online casinos on the current market that offer this particular form of bonus to their players. Which allow the player to grab 0.5% of their cashback for every bet they place.

The various combination packages are still in high demand, meaning that a cashback bonus is combined with free spins, for example. Naturally, a package like this will appeal to most, as it will not only allow you to ride some fun slots for free, but also enjoy the joy of cash returns from live casino perhaps.

Key Features for Best Cashback

What makes this type of cashback bonus now featured for the Indian players is relatively easy to determine. The best of them contain at least the following elements:

  • Bonus is available as often as possible (ongoing)
  • No wagering requirements or low wagering requirements
  • Highest possible return rate

The most common percentage refund found by these bonuses is 10%. Casino cash backs like this are usually available from daily or weekly promotions. When the percentage rises higher, such as 20%, there is usually talk of exclusive special offers or benefits for VIP customers that are only available to a certain group of customers, such as high roller players.

Live Casino Cashback Bonuses

You can also grab cashback bonuses from most live casino real money games today. They are available if a player decides to claim a cashback bonus in a live casino promotion, for example, or take part in the available tournaments. The cashback bonuses available will be monitored regularly here on, as these bonuses can reduce the risk of gambling. This in a way that allows some of the money lost to be recovered.

For example, many live casinos today may offer some cash back if a player plays one of the live casino games specified by the casino. As with slot games, a cashback bonus is intended to encourage casino players to try out different novelty games, for example.

Even if you already have clear casino game favourites. It is a good idea to test the new games on offer whenever the opportunity arises. Among the great novelties, you can very well manage to find really great games that not only entertain, but that also can bring plenty of cash winnings when luck is knocking on the door!

So live casinos now also offer quite generous cash returns. If you don’t catch the winnings in the way you want when playing live games, the nice thing with cashback bonuses are, there can often be quite generous cash back offers on possible losses.

Promotions, Tournaments and Cashback Bonuses

Very often this form of bonus is associated with casino promotions and tournaments. In this case, the bonus will act as a prize if the player is successful in the promotion. The promotions and tournaments interesting in that, in addition to various bonuses, you can also easily grab cash prizes, merchandise prizes, trips and, of course, various casino bonuses.

Cash refunds also make it easy for casinos to activate existing players and direct them to certain games, for example. New players, on the other hand, get a nice start to playing with a cashback bonus. Since this bonus returns some of the money lost by a player, it is more than easy to understand why this particular bonus enjoys great popularity among players.

The “Promotions” tabs of online casinos often also have some really interesting benefits, including bonuses for every login. They allow a player to net themselves up to a 10% cash back each week by playing a certain number of spins as defined by the casino.

Betting Cashback Bonuses

This great form of bonus is now available to more than just casino players. It is also available for sports betting. In the case of betting, a cashback bonus usually works by returning the player with a certain percentage of the bet lost. Or, alternatively, for example, a single bet to a set max limit.

Cash refunds also work great for betting, as they reduce the risk of loss in betting. Many betting casinos have taken this into account and therefore offer their players so called risk free / free bets. Bets which allow the player to place a bet completely without risk of losing their own money.

Usually, however, these free bets are subject to certain terms and conditions, ie in order to get a free / risk free bet, a player must first deposit money at the casino or place a bet on a specific market. Usually a minimum odds requirement are also specified for the bet.

If a bet placed by a player is settled a loss, the player will be rewarded with a free / risk free bet. Sometimes a free bet may only be available for certain matches or sporting events at the casino betting site.

Although cash refunds are, without exception, always subject to some kind of wagering requirements. It is still a good form of bonus that it’s worth taking advantage of.

Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions

“As this is an online casino bonus, it is of course also subject to the general bonus conditions. Which usually involve at least some form of wagering requirement.”

Cashback bonuses may contain a wide variety of terms and conditions. As with all other casino bonuses. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before you claim a cashback bonus for yourself.

Be sure to check at least the following regarding the bonus terms and conditions:

  • What is the maximum amount specified for the cashback bonus?
  • Are there any profit limits on bonus winnings?
  • Are there any wagering requirements for the cashback bonus?

As this is an online casino bonus, it is of course also subject to the general bonus conditions. Which usually involve at least some form of wagering requirements. Very often, a certain maximum payout amount is also set for this bonus.

It may also be that the casino has placed some kind of profit limit on the bonus money that can be won. In other words, if the bonus terms mention a profit margin of, for example, Rs 8,000, but you win Rs. 40,000 with bonus money, you can only withdraw Rs. 8,000 from the winnings. This is one good example of why you should always read the bonus terms carefully. As there is certainly nothing more annoying than just being able to withdraw a portion of your winnings for yourself.

Cashback Bonuses for VIP Players

Naturally, VIP customers will also be able to enjoy casino cashback bonuses. Indeed, many loyalty programs offer free spins and cashback to players, among many other benefits.

While these cashback bonuses are often available to all casino customers on an equal footing. In the case of cash returns for VIP customers, it is more common to talk about significantly higher percentages as well.

In other words, this means that the player can get back more of their potential losses. Not only can VIP customers enjoy higher percentages, wagering requirements are often lower. Vip cash returns are therefore slightly better in all respects than the so-called norm versions.


This particular form of casino Cashback bonus is by no means a clear thing for all casino players. This is why we’ve put together a set of questions and answers below. We hope to cover topics that move through players ’minds briefly and concisely.

Who can get casino cashback bonuses?

Cashback bonuses are available to all casino customers, from new players to VIP customers. However, to activate them may sometimes require you to participate/opt-in in a casino promotions or to register as a VIP customer. By reading the promotion offer of the cashback bonus, you will be able to get started in a few short steps!

Is it worth receiving cashback bonuses?

It is always a good idea to take advantage of this type of bonus. Even with wagering requirements or payout limits, a cashback bonus is extra bonus money to play and return payment on some of your played net losses.

How do I cash out the cashback bonus?

Often, winnings from cash refunds can only be withdrawn when the wagering requirement is completed. If there is no requirements, this will be stated in the bonus rules.

Are there cashback bonus wagering requirements?

For cashback bonuses, wagering requirements range from full turnover freedom up to 50 x. Since there is so much variation, it makes sense to always check the wagering requirements before redeeming the bonus.

Where can I find cashback bonuses?

This exciting form of bonus is usually found in online casino promotions, Vip programs, exclusive newsletters sent to casino customers, and listings created here by, for example.

How many cashback bonuses can I get?

The percentage of bonuses usually ranges from 5% to 20%. Of course, even bigger bonuses can be found. In addition to the percentage, you should always keep an eye on the max amount of payment. For ongoing cashback bonuses, often seen in live casino, players will receive a weekly payment.

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