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The Significance of Gambling During the Indian Festive Season. As one of the most significant festivals of the year in India. Diwali is celebrated by more than a billion people in India. The festival of Diwali is considered as the beginning of a new year. It comes together with family gatherings, feasts as well as charitable giving.

While Diwali during the day is all about prayers and trying some of the best dishes. It’s the Diwali night that many people are looking forward for. After lightning diyas and the worship of Goddess Laxmi in the evening, comes the tradition of playing card games like Teen Patti on Diwali night.

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Diwali – The Indian Festival of Lights and Dice

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The festival of Diwali is celebrated by millions of Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Parsis across the country. The celebrations of Diwali continue for five days. The date on which the festivals starts is different for each year. But it usually starts at the end of October or the start of November. The date is determined based after the Hindu calendar, where the Diwali date occurs on Amavasya, the new moon. Which is the 15th of the month of Kartik every year.

One of the interesting aspects of the festival is that it not only varies from religion to religion. It also varies from region to region in India.

Diwali in North India is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Ram in Ayodhya. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Ram along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman returned to the Kingdom after 14 years of exile. And as it was a new moon day and there was darkness all around, people lit diyas to welcome his return that day.

In South India, Diwali is celebrated in honour of Lord Krishna’s partner Satyabhama killing the demon king Narakasura. As well as at the same time freeing thousands of girls who were in his captive.

In several parts of India, events like buying vehicles and opening offices are scheduled for Diwali. This is due to the belief that Goddess Laxmi (Lakshmi) showers blessings on her devotees at the time of Diwali. Which is believed to ensure wealth and prosperity for the following year.

Gambling and Diwali in India

One of the major activities during the festival is enjoying gambling and playing on the night of Diwali. Taash parties, which are held at farmhouses and bungalows on Diwali night, are quite popular during the festival of lights. During these parties, people often invite their friends and family members to share the good vibes.

People gamble during these parties as it’s commonly believed that it can please Goddess Lakshmi (or Laxmi). To ensure the goodwill of the house for the following year. Goddess Lakshmi is considered to be the goddess of money and prosperity, whereas gambling comes into play. Another major reason people gamble during the festival is that when playing dice with Lord Shiva on the 4th day of Diwali, Goddess Parvati stated that those gambling during the festival of Diwali will enjoy prosperity throughout the year.

There are a number of real money gambling games that are played on Diwali night. With the most popular ones are Teen Patti, Poker and Andar Bahar. Even the minors are allowed to take part in such games. As long as they don’t involve real money, whereas the adults play for real cash in a different room. To signup and play card fames at the best casino sites in India, all players need to be 18 years or older.

Reasons to Play Casino Card Games During Diwali

As the festival is all about having fun with your friends and family, playing card games brings even more enjoyment to it. Card parties are hosted to bring good luck and prosperity. Many people seek them as the reminder of the inconsistency of lady luck in life. Also, many believe that gambling during Diwali is to teach a sense of life balance when chasing material success.

Teen Patti has always been one of the most popular card games played by families and friends for decades now. With the advent of online casino sites, you can play card games during Diwali together with your loved online. The online platforms allow players to play Teen Patti with their friends and family members whenever and wherever they want.

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When is Diwali 2021?

Diwali will be celebrated on the 4th of November. The five day celebrations start on November 1st. Celebrants looking to play Teen Patti and other traditional card games, can play at online casinos 24/7. Recommended sites include ComeOn Casino

Last Updated on January 2, 2022