Play Real Money Fan Tan Live in India

Fan Tan is the newest addition to the growing live dealer game portfolio of online casinos in India. This article is about the real money Fan Tan game offered at various live casinos. The Fan Tan online live casinos offer is the bead game version. We will cover amongst other things;

  • Best Fan Tan online casinos in India
  • How to get started and game rules
  • Play Fan Tan in mobile
  • Fan Tan Sign-up Bonus available

Best Fan Tan Casinos in India

These are the sites currently offering players in India the possibility to play Fan Tan at the live casino tables. We top list sites that are licensed, regulated and who offer authorised payments methods for Indian players.

In addition to Fan Tan live, players can find a variety of modern and classic online casino games when playing at these sites.

You can choose to play real money games either on your desktop or in the casino mobile app. The casino game windows adapts automatically to your screen with high-quality resolution and graphics.

What is Fan Tan Live?

Fan Tan live is the online version of a traditional bead game. Evolution gaming has developed several Asian themed and Indian games to be available for the younger generations.

In short, the aim of this online casino game is to bet on how many beads you think will be left in the final line.

How to Play Fan Tan Live?

A Fan Tan live casino game round starts with players placing their bets. The default bets and game process is;

  1. Bet on 1 bead, 2 beads, 3 beads or 4 beads to remain in the last row.
  2. In addition, you can bet on “outside bets“. These options are, Small (1 and 2 beads), Big (3 and 4 beads), Odd (1 and 3 beads), Even (2 and 4 beads)
  3. The payout ratio on betting on the correct number of beads is 2.85 to 1.
  4. Payout on the outside bets is 0.95 to 1.
  5. Once the initial bets have been placed, the live dealer will bring to the middle of the table a large amount of beads under a glass container.
  6. Then the dealer will collect a random number of beads under a metal cup.
  7. These beads will then be lined up in rows of four to the left side of the table. This is done, until the dealer has concluded on the number of beads left in last row.
  8. When losing bets are cleared and winning bets paid out, Fan Tan players can proceed to place bets for next game round.

It’s all about guessing how many beads will be left in the final row.

Additional Game Features

A nice addition made to the Evolution gaming table layout, is that the game window displays how many players are betting at the table. The game window also shows the total Fan Tan real money bets of all players per bet option.

In the right side corner, players can also view the result for the last 15 Fan Tan live game rounds.

Fan Tan Game views

Playing Fan Tan Live
Fan Tan live default view

One great thing about Fan Tan Live is how easy it is to learn. Fan Tan combines simple gameplay with fun. There really isn’t any complex game rules to learn.

Players can choose to play Fan Tan online in either a default view or an advanced view.

The default view will only show the main Fan Tan Bets type. For most online gamblers, the default betting options will be enough. To view the more advanced Fan Tan betting layout, switch views.

Fan Tan Live Bets

  • Minimum bet to participate is Rs.100
  • Maximum bet is Rs. 100,000

As you will find in all slots or live games, the Fan Tan betting levels also vary. There is a bet level for everyone to be comfortable with when participating in real money betting rounds with licensed operators.

Betting Options

The default betting options, number of beads and outsides listed above can be placed at the same table in different sizes. All players are welcome and the total amount displayed in the window, does not reflect individual sized bets. In other words, your decision does not affect anyone else on the table.

For the masters of Fan Tan the advanced betting options include the ssh sheh sam hong, nim bet and kwok bet options.

Opening Hours

The live games at the casino sites are open around the clock, seven days a week. There is an unlimited amount of players that can play fan tan live at any given moment.

Real Money Fan Tan Welcome Bonus

The Indian casino sites offer new players welcome bonuses upon signing up and making a deposit. Live casino real money game play also often come with cashback bonus offers, which is a percentage amount paid back as a bonus on your net losses. Cashback bonuses are used more in live dealer games.

By activating bonus money you increase the amount you have to bet on FanThan. However, since nothing is free, bonus money come with wagering requirements. This is the total amount you need to turnover the bonus bets until you can withdraw any potential cash wins.

Fan Tan Casino App

As with every live casino game FanTan will be available to play on any smartphone. All Fan Tan casino sites offer their full services in mobile devices. Whether you choose to download the casino app or play in the web mobile casino, you will have access to all games, casino bonuses and payments services.

How to Get Started?

You have now received a short introduction in how to play Fan Tan for real money at a live casino. To sign-up for an account and get started is easy and you can be seated at the table in a matter of minutes.

  1. Pick one of the listed Fan Tan online casinos and click Sign Up Now.
  2. Register your casino account by completing the registration form with required details.
  3. Make a deposit using any of the available Indian payment methods.
  4. Claim your welcome bonus.
  5. Find the Fan Tan game in the live casino lobby. Many sites have separated lobbies for online slots and live games. In addition you can use the Search function to get directly to the game.

That is it! If you have all your payment details readily available, the sign-up and deposit process will take 1-2 minutes. Cash deposits to Fan Tan casinos are instant. After which you are ready to get seated and participate in the betting round.

Why do We Recommend Fan Tan Casinos?

Evolution Gaming is bringing back to life a historical game. Fan-Tan was played by the masses in China and around Asia. However, the game lost its popularity to other more fast paced games like roulette.

We want every player visiting this site to be able to be introduced to this game that is now being delivered to players around the world in the online live casinos.

We review online casinos operating in India for their integrity and product offering. Players playing at our recommended partner sites, will be playing at legal online casinos. These sites undergo regular audits by the international gambling authorities.

In addition to playing Fan Tan live casino games at these sites, you can find popular online slots, live Blackjack games, European roulette, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and so much more.


Of all the live casino games available, playing fan tan bear similarity to gambling online Roulette. Fan Tan live bets are placed either on “number” or “outsides”.

The legacy of this more than 2000 year old game can be found in the advanced classic fan bets. When you today play Fan Tan live, you are still betting with nim bet, sheh sam song and and kwok bet.

The Evolution Fan Tan bet is slower paced than most other live games and slot games. However, game strategy and fan bet fan bet options take a minute to learn, and do we really need to be in such a hurry all the time?

We really enjoyed to try out this bead game with Chinese origins in the modern environment of online casinos.


Which is the best real money Fan Tan online casino?

There are several good sites to choose from. We recommend licensed sites, with a good casino game portfolio and with a wide choice of payments methods. By playing at any of these FanTan live casino’s you will have the best experience. Pure Win is a dedicated casino to the Indian market, try out here.

How to play Fan Tan live in an online casino?

This modern game version of historical game is played with real money bets and real money payouts when won. The game round starts with you placing a bet on the amount of beads you think will be left in the final row. You also have the option to side bet on the outsides, big, low, even and odd. With the help of a metal cup, the live dealer collects a random number of beads that the dealer then lines out in rows of four until the last row discloses the winner.

How do you win playing real money Fan Tan live?

By guessing and betting on the correct amount of beads that will remain in the last row. If your bead score wins, the default bets pay out 2.85 x your initial bet. There are additional side bets as well, Nim bet, Kwok bet and Ssh bets. When you play Fan Tan live the payout ratios of the side bets are displayed in the game window. This is a luck game. So there are no skills in the world that will guarantee a win. However, if you gamble responsibly and get lucky you can win.

Can I play online casino Fan Tan legally in India?

Yes. Online gambling is not yet locally regulated in India. These casino operators that hold valid remote gambling licensed are legal to play at. They operate online under the authority of the international regulators. All Fan Tan casinos offer certified casino games and authorised payment methods.

What is Fan Tan Live game?

It is a recently launched live casino game accessible to play for real money at online casino sites. Main aim of the game is to bet on how many beads will be left in the final line, after dividing total amount of beads in four. It is developed by the leading live game provider Evolution gaming. This is a modern format of a very historical game.

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