Kerala Lottery | Can You Play Online?

As the first government run lotto, the Kerala state lottery is today the longest running lottery in India. In this Kerala lottery online review, we will take a look at the complete ins and outs of the historical Kerala state lottery. Also, we offer our short list of the best online sites to play the big cash jackpot international lotteries online. In this lottery guide, you’ll get to know:

  • How the Kerala state lottery works
  • The different Kerala lotto draws and their cash win payouts
  • The best sites to play lotteries online
  • Can you play Kerala lottery online?

About the Kerala State Lottery

The Kerala state lottery happens to be the oldest government run lottery in India. It was launched in the year of 1967. This was when all private lotteries were banned in the country. The full authority to operate and sell lottery tickets was given to each individual state.

With its humble beginnings, the Kerala state lottery went on to set an example for the entire country. Soon after its launch, many Indian states followed in the footsteps of Kerala and started their own lotteries. However, the Kerala lotto remains to this day the most popular government run lottery. All thanks to its transparency, reliability and huge cash jackpot prizes.

Starting with just one lotto game, the Kerala lotto now offers a lottery draw every single day of the week. Also, during religious holidays and special events, there are six bumper draws organised. Tickets for this lotto are only available with authorised land based retailers and lottery agents. So in order to buy a lottery ticket you will have to visit one of them if you wish to buy one.

India Kerala Lottery – Buy Online Lottery Tickets to Other Draws

More and more of us play lotteries and casino games online and on our mobile phones. It is not yet possible to buy tickets to the Kerala lottery online. However! If you are someone who want to try your luck at the real money lottery games from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone, then here we list the best online sites to play numerous lotteries and instant win games online.

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These best online lottery sites in india are licensed and regulated by leading regulatory authorities like Gibraltar Gaming Commission, MGA and more. Companies that operate with a valid remote gambling license are regularly audited. As such they are completely safe and secure to play at. Besides, they sites also support local payment methods such as UPI and Paytm, so Indian players will have no trouble to deposit cash funds and withdrawing your cash wins if you get lucky. Select any of our recommended lottery sites and start playing online lotto games today!

Kerala Lottery Schedule and Lottery Ticket Cost

The Kerala state lottery runs a lottery draw every day. The daily draws take place at the department’s headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram at 03:00 PM IST. The lottery ticket prices for these draws range from Rs. 30 to Rs. 50 per ticket.

The table below in our Kerala lottery online review lists the different jackpot prizes when you play Kerala lottery, the jackpot draw days, and their associated prize money. The Kerala result will be displayed on the state homepage. Don’t forget to purchase tickets!

MondayWin Win65 Lakh
TuesdaySthree Sakthi60 Lakh
WednesdayAksatha60 Lakh
ThursdayKarunya Plus80 Lakh
FridayNirmal Weekly60 Lakh
SaturdayKarunya80 Lakh
SundayPournami70 Lakh

Besides the daily draws, the India Kerala lottery also comes with six bumper draws that offer huge cash top prizes, up to Rs. 10 crores. To buy lottery tickets for these bumper draws usually cost between Rs. 100 and Rs. 200. Below is a table that lists the different Kerala bumper draws and their associated prize money.

Draw MonthLotteryJackpot Prize Money
JanuaryChristmas New Year Bumper Lottery6 Crore
MarchSummer Bumper Lottery4 Crore
MayVishu Bumper Lottery5 Crore
JulyMonsoon Bumper Lottery2 Crore
SeptemberThiruvonam Bumper Lottery10 Crore
NovemberPooja Bumper Lottery4 Crore

The Start of India Kerala Lottery

The Kerala state lottery was created in 1967. At this time all private lotteries were banned and the rights were given to each individual Indian state. The idea of setting up a real money lottery came from the then Kerala finance minister. The motive behind starting this lottery was to generate non tax revenue for the Kerala state with the sale of lottery tickets. Also, the lottery aimed to provide job opportunities and contributing support to various social welfare causes to the people of Kerala. With time, the Kerala state lotto has grown in size by leaps and bounds and is today the most popular government-run lottery in the country.

How Does the Kerala State Lottery Work?

As with the other state lotteries, you can buy Kerala state lotto tickets from any authorised lotto agent or retailer. All activities that relate to the printing and distribution of lottery tickets are controlled by the Kerala state government’s lottery department. Who also are responsible to publish the Kerala Lottery results.

Kerala Lotteries

The Kerala lotto tickets will be printed with numbers starting from 100,000. These numbers are preceded by a code that comprises two letters. Here, the first letter represents the lottery scheme’s name and the second letter represents the series. For instance, if you’ve got the ticket with number DK-987645, the letter D represents the lottery game (Dhanasree), and the letter K represents the series.

Lottery Draw

When it comes to the lottery draw and drawing the winning combination, seven drums of seven different colours are used for the draw. Initially, the chairman of the supervising panel for the draw takes the token from the first drum. Then the procedure will be repeated for each of the seven drums to get a number for each one. The final lottery result of this is a code with two letters and six numbers. This number is declared as the final winning number in the lottery draw.

In the case the winning numbers match the numbers of an unsold lottery ticket, the draw procedure for that particular ticket is repeated until the prize gets matched to a sold ticket and one lucky winner. After a few draws by the supervising committee, the public is given a chance to participate in the draw procedure. The results will also be available to check from the Kerala State Lottery

Kerala Lottery Result Winner

In the happy event that you win a lottery prize, you’ll need to submit the prize winning ticket within 30 days of the Kerala draw date. Any lottery ticket and money prize claim needs to be done within 30 days of the draw date when the Kerala result was known. If you miss the deadline, the ticket is no longer valid and won’t be eligible for the prize money. Prizes of up to Rs. 1 lakh can be claimed directly from the district lottery office. However, prizes above Rs. 1 lakh are awarded by the Director of Kerala State Lottery Office after verifying your personal details as the rightful winner.

Pros and Cons Found in Our Kerala Lottery Online Review

  • The Kerala State Lotteries offer an easy way for citizens to engage in exciting lotto games.
  • To buy lottery tickets for the Kerala lottery draws are quite cheap and affordable, and so players of all budgets can easily buy the tickets.
  • Another great thing about the Kerala lottery is that it is fully operated by the government. So, as a player, you can be sure that it is entirely legal to play the lottery in the state of Kerala.

While the Kerala lottery comes with very attractive cash prizes, there are some aspects that make it less ideal for players.

  • First, the Kerala state lottery comes with an extremely high house edge that can be up to 50%.
  • Another problem with this lottery is that it can take a while to find out whether your lottery ticket actually won or not. As the Kerala results are not instant. When compared to online lottery games that offer near instant results, the Kerala state lottery can be less exciting for many players.

Alternatives to Kerala Lotteries For Indian Players

The Kerala state lotteries are a great traditional pick for players residing in Kerala. The lottery draws come with numerous daily and bumper draws that offer decent prize money. However, for Indian players who want to play online and try their luck at the huge international jackpots, there are several alternatives available at our recommended online lottery sites. All our listed sites offer several popular and licensed international lottery games. These international lottery games that come with massive jackpot prizes that are way bigger than government-run lotteries. There are also scam lottery sites available when buying lottery tickets online, which you should avoid, for example the Bhagyalakshmi lottery.

How to Play Online?

  1. Select one of the listed sites and click ‘Play Now’.
  2. Complete the short signup process to create yourself an account.
  3. Select your preferred payment method and make a deposit.
  4. Go to the Online Lotteries sections of the site, select the lottery game you want to play and buy your lottery ticket online.
  5. You can either pick your lottery numbers yourself, or otherwise use the random generator to pick your numbers.
  6. After you have picked your numbers, simply confirm your online ticket purchase!
  7. Wait for the draw!

You will find your tickets and lottery numbers on your account. Most lottery and casino sites offer a welcome bonus on your first cash deposit. You can activate this bonus money and use it to buy lottery tickets. Read the bonus rules, in order for you to know what to expect.


Can I play the Kerala lottery online?

There are several big lotteries you can play online. However, it is not yet possible to buy lottery tickets to the Kerala lottery online. At Lottoland Asia you can buy tickets to all the major online lotteries in the world from India.

Can I buy Kerala lottery tickets online in India?

Lottery tickets of the Kerala lotto can be bought at an authorised lotto agent or lotto reseller. There are some websites that offers you to buy the Kerala lottery ticket online and get it delivered by speed post or courier. However, there is a big risk of being scammed when you buy the ticket of the Kerala lotto online. We recommend you to always go with your local agent. If you want to play lotteries online, then go with our recommended sites that offer huge jackpot games and are completely safe to play at.

Is the Kerala lottery safe?

Yes. The Kerala lotto is administered by the Kerala state government’s lottery department. So, players residing in Kerala can rest assured that it’s a completely genuine lottery and safe to play.

Can people from other states buy Kerala lottery tickets?

The lottery is mainly for players from Kerala. You need to be a Kerala resident to buy the lottery tickets. However, there are several alternatives online available that allow Indian players to buy tickets to all the popular international lottery games. Check our recommended partner sites in this article.

How can I win the Kerala lottery?

The game of lottery is based on the element of luck and hope to get the correct number combination in the lottery draw to match your ticket. So, the only way to win money at the Kerala lotto is to play and hope that lady luck is by your side.

Our Conclusion

All in all, the Kerala state lottery is a great way to enjoy offline lotto games and support the people of Kerala. Their own lottery games are a great choice for players who have the time and resources to visit a land-based lottery retailer and purchase the ticket. But if you want to enjoy lottery games from the comfort of your home or mobile app, you should check out our listed online lottery sites as they have some of the biggest jackpot games on offer.

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