Play Blackjack Online in India

Blackjack is one of the most played and popular casino games of all time. Playing online Blackjack real money games appeals to players of all ages and stake levels. The online Blackjack game rules are simple and it is easy to get started playing. We tested and top listed the best Blackjack online casinos in India for you. This Blackjack guide will cover amongst other things: 

  • Best online Blackjack casino sites for Indian players!
  • Online Blackjack game variations and betting strategies
  • How to play online Blackjack games, with tips and tricks
  • Where to play free Blackjack online

Best Online Blackjack Sites

ComeOn Casino

ComeOn Casino

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Our team have played at various available online Blackjack casinos. Above you see our short list of which we think are the best online Blackjack sites. The casino games product offering and real money Blackjack play of these sites has been reviewed and tested to determine whether they offer a good online gambling experience. We can also confirm that the sites are safe and secure to play at. 

All of these casinos offer a wide range of real money Blackjack and free online Blackjack versions to choose from. In addition you will find other casino games provided by top tier game providers. You can also conveniently make your money transactions with popular Indian payment methods on offer, like UPI, Netbanking, Rupay and many more. Each of these online Blackjack sites operate a reliable and experienced customer support.

Our listed sites are licensed and regulated by well-known remote gambling authorities and independent third party testing bodies such as eCOGRA. Today you can both play online Blackjack real money games and play online Blackjack for free at any of our listed online casinos. These are licensed online Blackjack casinos making for an overall secure and legit experience.

How to Play Blackjack Online?

Play Online Black Jack in India
Playing Black Jack Online

Whether you want to play online Blackjack games for real money, or you wish start out by playing Blackjack for free, you can do either! So, how to start playing Blackjack online in India? 

  1. Go through our list of trusted Indian online casinos and pick your favourite one.
  2. Click on the Play Now now button to get redirected to the site.
  3. There you register your player account. Which can be completed in less than 2 minutes.
  4. If you want to play for real money, go to the Cashier to make a deposit and claim a welcome bonus, to boost your bankroll.
  5. If you want to play free online Blackjack, go the games lobby and search for the RNG table games.
  6. In the Live Games lobby you will find real money tables with different bet limits available to choose from.

Live casino games is the fastest growing casino game category across the industry. You will find all Classic Blackjack and modern versions in the live casino games lobby. For the ease of use for players, operators sort all the offered games is categories. In addition to live casino games, you’ll find: online slots, jackpot slots, most popular games and more.

Live Dealer Blackjack vs. Video Blackjack

Live and video Blackjack are different ways to play the same casino games. Live Blackjack is a live dealer game. This version of online Blackjack is streamed from a Blackjack live studio, where the cards are dealt by a real dealer. Here players can interact via live chat with both the dealer and other Blackjack players at the table. 

Video Blackjack is an animated virtual game where the output of the card game is generated by a random number generator (RNG), making this a fair and secure card game to play. RNG games are tested and verified by independent third party bodies like eCogra and NMi.

Both versions of Blackjack play are safe and secure for players. We can recommend both. Live Blackjack is a great opportunity for players who like the fun and interaction of land based venues. While the video Blackjack table games are sometimes a faster variation to playing online Blackjack. As in the video version there is no need to wait for other Blackjack players to act.

Play Free Blackjack Online

You can choose to playing Blackjack games for free in the animated video version. In the casino games lobby, just click on the game thumb and select to play free Blackjack online mode. To play free Blackjack games is a good way for new Blackjack players to get familiarised to playing online, before you make a deposit and star playing for real money. There are no free online Blackjack live casino games available. Which is understandable as they have dealers and other running studio costs associated to them.

Blackjack Game Rules

Blackjack hand

There are several variations of how to play online Blackjack in India. The basic rules of Blackjack remain the same throughout all of the games.

The main aim for the card game of online Blackjack is always to get a natural Blackjack or draw cards with values adding up to 21 or less.

If your hand goes over 21, it is a ‘bust’ and you lose your placed bets. Here are the main rules for playing Blackjack online.

  • How to get Blackjack? – A natural win is with an Ace with a ten or any face card. A hand with value of 21 after 3 cards is not Blackjack.
  • The dealer must stand on any 17 – the dealer is forced to stand on soft 17 it means that you as a player can vary your play when you have soft hands and can draw cards to beat the dealers hand.
  • Players can double down – Blackjack players can on set hands double down your initial bet. This is specifically recommended when the dealer is showing a weak starting hand. Most often you is recommended to double on ten and eleven. See the strategy list for all possibilities to double your bet.
  • Players can split up to three times – You can split your hand into two or three hands, when you get a pair. Except when you split aces. Aces can only be split once. You split your hands to be able to double your bets and increase your chances of winning, in situations where it is statistically optimal to do so.
  • Players can double down after splitting – The possibility to double your bet is also possible on split hands. All hands play equally against the dealers hands.

Blackjack Game Variations

Online Blackjack games are known for the wide range of variations and versions available. Different online casino games promotions and table stakes and bets may vary depending on which version you are playing. When playing online blackjack in India you can always find the bet limits and game rules in the game window.

The number of card decks used in each version, is another piece of key information to online Blackjack players who have the ambition to try and count cards. However with the automatic card shuffling machines, card counting is extremely difficult regardless of the number of decks used. Here are the most popular versions offered of Blackjack play: 

European Blackjack 

The European Blackjack game is played with two deck of cards. It is one of the most common and popular variations to play at an online casino.

The two cards are dealt to the players face up. One card is then dealt to the dealer face up. The dealer’s hole card/s will be dealt when all players have made a decision on how to play their hands.

Players’ hands can be split, hit, stand or double the cards. Players can also double their bet on various hands. All options listed further below in this article in the Blackjack strategy cheat sheet.

Blackjack Switch 

Blackjack players are dealt two set of cards in the initial deal. Players have also placed two ante bets. One for each of the two hands. When it is your turn to act, this Blackjack play variation allows you to switch your top two cards between the two dealt hands.

The cards are dealt face up and the player can improve the hand values by switching cards. When playing this Blackjack version, there is a 1:1 payout instead of the usual 3:2 if you make Blackjack.

Double Exposure

This version deals the dealer’s both cards facing up. This is a big advantage for the player. However there are other rules to compensate this advantage. In this Blackjack game variation, the dealer wins all ties.

Spanish 21 

Spanish 21 is played with six or eight deck of cards. All the cards valued ten (10) are removed from the 52 playing cards, leaving 48 cards/per each number of decks to play the games. If you make 21 with your hand you always win, including ties. Insurance and late surrender are allowed in this Blackjack play version. 

Triple Sevens Jackpot 

Triple Sevens Jackpot is a progressive jackpot Blackjack game variation. Blackjack players have the option to place side bets if they wish to participate in the Triple Sevens play. If you are dealt three sevens you will win a Jackpot prize. Smaller prizes will be paid for one seven, a pair of sevens, or a combination of sevens and dealer getting a seven. The main progressive Jackpot is won if you get dealt three sevens of diamonds. 

Other Online Blackjack Variations 

There are multiple different ways to play online Blackjack including the ones mentioned above. The other Blackjack game variations you can counter are: 

  • 21 + 3 – side bet on poker hand from a 3 card combination of your cards and the dealers
  • Ante Up 21 – side bet option to play poker hand strengths between your hand and the dealers. You can surrender ante bet after initial deal
  • Atlantic City 
  • Blackjack Diamond 
  • Blackjack Surrender 
  • Bonus Blackjack 
  • California 
  • Chinese 
  • Double Attack 
  • Double 
  • Elimination 
  • Free Bet 
  • High Streak 
  • Match Play 21 
  • Multi Hand 
  • Perfect Pairs 
  • Pontoon
  • Super Fun 21
  • Vegas Downtown
  • Vegas Strip

Blackjack Strategy Guide

Plying real money online Blackjack is a card game of chance. However it won’t hurt to be prepared with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Real money Blackjack is one of the most played casino games in the online gambling industry. Blackjack odds are great and if you have the right online Blackjack strategy, you are out to maximise your potential cash winnings. 

When playing online blackjack for real money, remember to always play responsibly. Luck is a huge factor when you play Blackjack. Practice makes perfect, a good way to learn is to start out and play Blackjack for free. If you play free games, you can play without risk. We will now cover the basics of online Blackjack strategy:

  • Basic Blackjack strategy and other popular strategies
  • Blackjack game terms
  • How to play online Blackjack real money games

Blackjack Pair Splitting 

These free tips apply when you are dealt two cards of the same value. These cards can be split into two hands. This should be done when the dealer has a low card. You should consider not to split when you hold two face cards or tens. Because your winning chance with this hand is already high. To split two high cards will often lead you to double your bet while you weaken your hands and chances of winning. 

If you get pairs with Aces or 8’s you should always split. Regardless of the dealer’s up card. With other pairs, your decision to split depends on the value of the dealer’s up card. A pair of nines and sevens should be split when the dealer’s up card is lower than 10 but is not a seven (7) in the first instance and lower than eight (8) in the second instance. 

The Blackjack play strategy recommendation is also that pairs of 6-6, 3-3 or 2-2 should be split just under half the time of the game. 

Blackjack Hit & Stand  

This strategy revolves around the players decision whether to hit or stand. To ‘hit’ is to ask to be dealt another card. To ‘stand’ is being satisfied with the hand and passing the turn to the next player or to dealer to finish the game round.  

In Blackjack play terms, to ‘hit’ is to ask for another card and to ‘stand’ is to hold your total and end your turn. You should only hit to improve your hand. Your goal is to make it as close to 21 as possible. But not go over 21.

In any Blackjack game strategy you will find, you are advised to stand whenever your total is 17 or above. At this score, your odds are not high enough to hit a four, three, deuce or an ace to justify hitting and trying to improve your winning chances. 

Blackjack Double Down  

This strategy allows Blackjack players to double the amount of the initial bet to get one more card. When you can double your bet is determined by the value of your cards. When you should do it is determined by the dealer’s up card. 

It’s worth to double down when your hand value is 10 or 11, including a pair of 5-5. Doubling down involves matching your initial bet by placing a chip next to your first bet, in exchange for a new card. 

Doubling down on a hand with a nine (9) and an Ace might be tempting but worthless, most of the time. You already have 20, why gamble more money and risk making 12 if a deuce hits, when the card is dealt. You can only get one more card when you double your bet.

What is a soft total?

The difference between a hard total and a soft total in Blackjack is a single card. The Ace. If you hold an Ace card, then you are have a soft hand. Since the Ace has more than one value, you have more room to change your final total around. An Ace in Blackjack can be played with value one (1) or 11. This gives a wide range of opportunities on how you wish to play your hand based on the card that the dealer holds. 

What is a hard total?

A hard total when you play online Blackjack means that you don’t have an Ace in your hand. With a hard hand, your hand value cannot be changed.

Therefore, if you have a hard hand and you are dealt two fives, your total is a ten (10) and that total cannot change. If you get a nine and an Ace, your hand value is either ten (10) or 20.

Blackjack Surrender 

Surrender is the option to fold your Blackjack hand after the initial deal. In other words, volunteer to surrender half your bet. This is a simple game rule: If you think your chance of winning is very poor, you can choose to surrender half your bet. Instead of risking to lose the full bet.

There are two types of Blackjack surrender; Late Surrender and Early Surrender. With late surrender, you can only surrender your hand after the live dealer has seen his/her hole card. If the dealer has a Blackjack, the surrender option is not available. With early surrender, players can surrender before the dealer checks for a Blackjack.  

The option to surrender is not offered in all Blackjack play versions. It is a good option in hands where the dealer has a strong upcard and you have limited cards that will improve your hand. If your hand totals 16, it is recommended to surrender if possible. Also surrender when the dealer’s upcard is a nine (9), ten (10) or an Ace, or when you hold a total of 15 and the dealer’s upcard is a ten (10). Because in these cases the likelihood to improve your hand is less than the dealer’s.

Blackjack Online Strategy Table 

Every strategy guide will include the basic Blackjack play strategy. These rules of Blackjack will help to guide you on all the statistically best ways to play online Blackjack. 

Using the basic strategy can successfully reduce the house edge in the long term. In real money Blackjack that use a single deck, players might even have a slight edge over the house when playing live. 

To follow the Blackjack betting strategy is simple. However, if you’ve just started to play Blackjack, we recommend that you keep our guide close to you to improve your strategy and betting skills. 

The Basic Blackjack Strategy

Our Blackjack tables cheat sheet is straightforward. The key is to remember the optimal hands where you should double your bet. So you don’t miss out on maximum payout on possible winning bets.

Surrender when: 

  • You have a hard 16 (not a pair of 8s) and the dealer has a 9, 10 or Ace
  • When you have a hard 15 and the dealer has a 10

Split when: 

  • You have two Ace’s and two 8’s
  • You have 2’s and 3’s and the dealer has 4 – 7
  • The dealer has a 2 or 3 if it is allowed to double your bet after a split
  • You have 6’s and the dealer has 3 – 6
  • The dealer has a deuce (2) if it is allowed to double your bet after the split
  • You have 4’s and the dealer has a 5 or 6 and it is allowed to double your bet after split
  • When you have 7’s and the dealer has 2 – 7
  • You have 9’s and the dealer has 2 – 6 or 8 – 9
  • Never split when you have tens!
  • Double your bet when you have 5’s, do not split!

You should double your bet when: 

  • Double a hard 9 when the dealer has 3 – 6
  • Double a hard 10 except when the dealer has a 10 or Ace
  • Double a hard 11 except when the dealer has an Ace
  • Double a soft 13 or 14 when the dealer has 5 – 6
  • Double a soft 15 or 16 when the dealer has 4 – 6

You should hit or stand when: 

  • Always hit when you have a hard 11 or less
  • Stand on a hard 12 when the dealer has 4 – 6.
  • Stand on a hard 13 – 16 when the dealer has 2 – 6.
  • Always stand on a hard when you have 17 or more
  • Always hit when you have a soft 17 or less
  • Stand on soft 18 except hit when the dealer has a 9, 10, or Ace
  • Always stand when have a soft 19 or more

Blackjack Betting

Although Blackjack is mostly a game of luck, it is good to master some Blackjack betting tips to increase your winning odds. There are a number of betting strategies. To practice these in action, we recommend you to start out playing free online Blackjack. This way you play and learn with play money.


This is a very simple Blackjack play and it is derived from the Paroli Betting Strategy. The 1-3-2-6 Blackjack betting pattern follows betting with 1, 3, 2 and 6 units (your chosen initial bet amount = unit) in each game round. You only increase your bet when you are winning in the game session. This system works well on bets that pay even money. 

To start off, you only bet one unit. You will continue to bet one unit until your bet wins. All you have to do is decide on a bet amount and stick to it. We suggest that you stop playing online Blackjack tables if you’re on a losing streak. 


The Martingale Blackjack basic betting strategy is a negative progression system. This means that you only increase bets when you are losing. In this Blackjack play, you double your bet when you are losing. The aim of this strategy is that you make positive returns on your winning hands. 


The Manhattan strategy or the 2-1-2 Blackjack play rewards players who hit a good number of hands. Instead of increasing your bet after each win, you will start off by reducing your bet. When you win again, you double your bet. Players will start with two (2) bet units and if you win, you reduce your wager to 1 bet. When you win again, you double your bet again.

However, in this strategy, if the dealer wins, you will go back to your original bet amount and start over again. Whether you lose or win, this time, you will drop down a bet unit until you win. If you have reached the minimum bet amount, you keep at that level until you can double your bet.

To Play Multiple Blackjack Hands 

Playing Blackjack tables with multiple hands is possible. You simply place bets in more than one box at the table. Each hand will be played separately on turn.

Play Online Blackjack for Free

Blackjack tables are not only available for players betting with real money. You can also play free online Blackjack at our recommended online casinos in India. If you want to practice strategies listed above, we suggest that you start with free online Blackjack play before heading over to cash games. Practice makes perfect and although Blackjack is a game of chance, you cannot go wrong with perfecting your skills. 

Apart from free Blackjack, you can also watch live Blackjack streams from the tables at our recommended sites. The live games are presented by a live dealer. Before you make a cash deposit you can watch the game progress. 

Free Blackjack play is fun entertainment that can be enjoyed by everyone interested in the game. If you want to play online Blackjack for no risk, then this is the way to get started.

What is The Real Money Online Blackjack House Edge?

Statistically the house edge for a standard game of Blackjack is around 0.5% when the card game is played using a basic strategy. This means that players will statistically get around $99.50 return for every $100 spent. However, the results will differ from player to player and also from strategy to strategy. Also, statistics don’t apply to single game sessions.

The house edge will vary according to different factors: 

  • The number of Blackjack card decks used
  • Whether the dealer must hit or stand on a soft 17
  • The presence of (or lack of) the surrender rule
  • Whether or not players can double after a split or re-split of hands
  • The payout odds on Blackjack and insurance bets

Our Best Online Blackjack Tips

  • Manage your bankroll – this is a tip that applies to all real money online gambling. Make sure to not bet more than you are prepared to lose. 
  • Learn a strategy – Keep in mind all the Blackjack play strategies listed above. These can give you an edge. 
  • Don’t bet on more than half your stack in one hand – Bet in a responsible way and you will be rewarded. 
  • Keep your head – Stick with your strategy and play with your head!


We’ve prepared a list of the top online casino sites that offer Blackjack real money games. You can play online Blackjack on your desktop or choose to play mobile Blackjack. The table games come fully optimised for all devices, including Android and iOS.

New players can boost their bankroll by activating a welcome bonus when making your your first deposit. You can also choose to play Blackjack for free to get familiarised with the game flow. In addition to the video games, these online casinos have top quality live casino table games from leading game providers like; Ezugi and Evolution Gaming.

You will find a variety of popular payment methods to choose from; like UPI, Netbanking and even Bitcoin. All these online casinos have an experienced customer support. We’ve made sure that whichever casino you choose from the list, your online gambling experience will be top-notch. Start to play Blackjack today!


Is it safe to play online Blackjack real money games?

It is safe and legal to play online blackjack at our recommended and licensed casinos in India. When we perform our online casino reviews, we test our top list of casinos online to check their safety, security and fairness of the casino games. They all operate with valid remote gambling licenses and have agreements with authorised payments providers.

On which online casinos can I play Blackjack games?

Our recommended list of Indian online casinos all offer online Blackjack games for real money. You can play both live Blackjack and animated RNG games. The table games are available from small stakes to high stakes, also in different game variations. To play online Blackjack at one of these sites is easy. Pick your favourite casino in India, register your account, make a deposit and you are ready to play all casino games online in a matter of minutes.

How to win playing Blackjack online?

You win each time your hand is better than the dealers. The main winning hand is Blackjack, a ten and an ace. To be able to win your hand needs to be 21 or less. All hands above 21, and you will lose your bet. Blackjack games are luck games, so there is no guaranteed ways to win. By reading our Blackjack game strategies you can optimise your play. Practice makes perfect and we suggest that you start to play Blackjack for free. Or start out with low stakes. Keeping a Blackjack game basic strategy card next to you when you play can help you make good decisions.

Can I play Blackjack for free online?

Yes, our listed online casinos also offer free Blackjack versions. To play Blackjack for free is a good way to practice your skills before going ahead to play casino games for real money.

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