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Lottoland Asia

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Curious to play online lottery in India? Then you have indeed come to the right place. Here, you’ll get to know about which are the best Indian online lottery sites. Lotto games operators that offer you the possibility to buy tickets to the huge draws, with max potential prize money winnings and mechanics of the most popular Indians lotteries, and many more things. On this page, you’ll learn:

  • Best online lottery sites in India to try to win at the lottery!
  • How to play international lottery online
  • The best Indian lottery sites
  • The most popular Indian lotteries

Best Online Lottery Sites India

There are a great number of online lotto sites available on the internet for Indian players to choose from. To choose which is the best online lottery site may seem a daunting task for many lottery players. So, we have created a list of what we think are the best online lottery sites in India. Sites that have a wide selection of online lotteries and casino games on offer for real money Indian players. We review the sites products, customer service and other player services. All these top listed Indian lottery sites are licensed and regulated by well-known international top gaming authorities.

Online Lottery India Payment Methods and Cash Payouts

At our recommended best online lottery sites, you can also find a majority of the popular Indian payment methods to choose from when you want to make a cash deposit or withdraw your potential lottery site winnings. You can easily deposit funds and have a safe and enjoyable lotto gaming experience with any of these online lottery sites in India. Most of the sites support deposits and online lottery ticket purchases in Indian rupees. Should you happen to be one of the lucky lottery players, you can of course withdraw your potential cash winnings in Indian Rupees as well.

The payment options available are listed clearly when you enter the registration process of the online lottery websites. You will find most popular Indian payment options for both making deposits and withdrawals. Today you can expect fast withdrawals where most are transferred instantly.

Play Online Lottery India in Mobile Apps

Moreover, all the online lottery sites in India and casino sites are fully optimised for mobile gaming. You will get an equally satisfying lottery player experience on the smaller screens. Meaning you can easily buy online lottery tickets, watch the draw and play your favourite India online lottery games from anywhere, anytime through the downloadable mobile apps and mobile websites.

All services offered on an online site are available regardless which channel or device you use to login and play with. Today you can play directly from the mobile web, as the speed is just as fast as if you were to download the online lottery apps. You can connect from both an Android or iOS device. Save time and space, play direct!

Play International Online Lottery Sites in India

Lottoland Asia

Lottoland Asia

Biggest Lottery Prizes in the world!
  • Malamaal Daily
  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball


Biggest Prize Money Lotteries!
  • Powerball
  • MegaMillions
  • Indian Rupees

Online Lottery Sites in India

Lottoland Asia

Lottoland is our global experienced top tier online lottery provider. We are very excited to follow the journey of the dedicated Lottoland Asia franchisee, where you can play international lotteries and localised lotteries. You can buy online lottery tickets to well known lotteries online with the biggest jackpot draws. Like the US Powerball, Euromillions ₹263.8 Crores, Euromillions Go, Mega Millions ₹401 Crores, EuroJackpot Go, ₹413.3 Crores and also Malamaal Daily! The prize money amount in US Powerball being an amazing ₹2,475.7 Crores! The lottery prize money amounts across the different online lottery games are very attractive! Buy a lottery ticket to be part of the lucky lottery draw today!

Multilotto Logo


Multilotto is a licensed specialised online lottery operator. Selling tickets to the big and best lottery draws across the world. Here you have access to purchase tickets to and play for the great prize money amounts of Powerball, Euromillions, Mega Millions, Australia Powerball and so many more!

You can sign up, deposit and play with Indian rupees. You can play Multilotto Online Lottery India also from their downloadable mobile app if you like to play in the go! The biggest jackpots are available from any Android and ios device with an internet connection.

International Lottery Jackpot Prize Money Amount
Powerball2,986.7 Crore
MegaMillions 2,986.7 Crore
Euromillions 263.3 Crore
Gold Lottery443.2 Crore
SuperEna Lotto1,020.7 Crore
Finland Lotto175.5 Crore
( prizes updated March 2021)

To become a top listed lottery partner site here on Casinomarket, the lotto sites need to operate with a valid remote gambling license to provide legal online lottery. As well as follow international AML (anti money laundering) directives. Being a licensed legal online lottery operator means that the online lottery company has gone through a high level of scrutiny from the authorities, to ensure that all player safety regulations are followed. This covers how your real money transactions in the international lotteries are handled. As well as that the online lottery tickets are sold only to legit and trusted lottery games.

The international lottery gambling sites are in the forefront of technology and provides a fun and fair player experiences. If you want to play the international lotteries today, it is legal in India so you can do that in a completely safe and secure way at our recommended lotto sites!

Play Online Lottery in India
Play Lottery Online

In the following section, we take a look at the most popular lotteries in India. Also, we cover their potential max pay outs in winnings and their mechanics, helping you to play Indian lottery online.


Lotto-India is a new national lottery available to play across India and from different locations around the world. It’s the first all India lottery. Offering players the chance to win a lottery jackpot prize of Rs. 4 Crore in every draw. Draws for the Lotto India lottery take place every Tuesday and Friday, and the results can easily be found on the online Indian lottery website of Lotto-India.

To play this lottery online in India, you need to select six numbers between 1 and 50 and one Joker Ball between 1 and 5. Entries cost Rs. 40 per panel. Here, you win prizes by matching your lottery ticket numbers with the ones selected in the Lotto India draw. If you’re able to match all the six numbers and the Joker Ball, you win the jackpot. When playing this lottery, matching 3 to 5 numbers will win you a jackpot prize between Rs. 400 and Rs. 80,000.

Besides these prizes, the Lotto-India lottery also comes with a Free Bet Bonus which provides you with the chance to win a free entry into another Lotto games draw. To win the Free Best Bonus, all you need to do is match the Joker Ball.

Maharashtra Lottery

The Maharashtra state lottery has been around since 1969. The lottery was initiated by the Finance Department of the State in order to prevent cheating of the common people by miscreants through illegal gambling activities.

The Maharashtra lottery provides Indian players with the opportunity to take part in large prize games at a low cost through a local lotto agent. The ticket price for this lottery is usually about 30 to 50 rupees but it is slightly more expensive for the Bumper draws. The lottery tickets in India for this lottery can be bought online or by any other authorized lotto agent resellers around the state. The draws for this India online lottery are conducted every day at 04:00 PM IST, and the results are presented online on the Maharashtra Government homepage.

Besides the daily draws, the Maharashtra lotteries also conduct the weekly Vaibhavlaxmi lottery every Friday. The first prize for the weekly lottery is Rs. 7 lakhs with the second prize being 2000 rupees. The Bumper draws are during special events and the prize for these draws is usually around Rs. 50 lakhs. Read more about this lottery in our dedicated article here.

Sikkim Lottery

The first lottery scheme in Sikkim was introduced by the state government in 1978. Over time, the lottery has undergone changes in terms of ticket prices and lotto agent sales, but the lottery is still operated by the Government of Sikkim.

The Sikkim lottery comes with two types of draws: Dear Labhlaxmi daily draws and bumper draws. The daily draws take place at 06:00 pm every day with the ticket prices ranging anywhere from Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. The draw limit for the Sikkim bumper draws is capped at a maximum of 6 per year.

The below table lists the various Sikkim lottery bumper draws along with their jackpot prizes.

Draw MonthLotteryJackpot prize
JanuarySankranti Bumper2 Crore
FebruarySaraswati Bumper1.25 Crore
MarchShri Holi Bumper1 Crore
AprilBaisakhi Bumper1.50 Crore
NovemberDiwali Bumper5 Crore

Kerala Lottery

As the first legal lottery in India, the Kerala State Lottery was started in 1967 by the Government of Kerala. The lottery offers a lottery draw every single day of the week, and it also comes with six different bumper draws that are organised during important events in India.

The daily draw of the lottery takes place at the lottery department’s headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram at 03:00 PM IST. The ticket prices at the lotto agent for this lottery ranges from Rs. 30 to Rs. 50.

Below is a table that lists the different lottery jackpot prizes, their draw days and their jackpot amounts.

DayLotteryJackpot prize
MondayWin Win65 Lakh
TuesdaySthree Sakthi60 Lakh
WednesdayAksatha60 Lakh
ThursdayKarunya Plus80 Lakh
FridayNirmal Weekly60 Lakh
SaturdayKarunya80 Lakh
SundayPournami70 Lakh

As for the Lottery Bumper Draw, the tickets cost between Rs. 100 and Rs. 200. The higher ticket price is compensated by the fact that the bumper draws also give better top prizes, up to Rs. 10 Crores. Below is the table that indicates the different bumper draws along with their top prizes.

Draw MonthLotteryJackpot prize
JanuaryChristmas New Year Bumper Lottery6 Crore
MarchSummer Bumper Lottery4 Crore
MayVishu Bumper Lottery5 Crore
JulyMonsoon Bumper Lottery2 Crore
SeptemberThiruvonam Bumper Lottery10 Crore
NovemberPooja Bumper Lottery4 Crore

Payout of up to Rs. 1 lakh for the Kerala lottery can be claimed from the District Lottery offices whereas the prizes over Rs. 1 lakh need to be presented to the Director of State Lotteries. Note that an income tax of 30% is deducted for the prizes exceeding the amount of Rs. 10,000.

Sambad Lottery

Sambad lottery is one of the best online lotteries in India as it’s spread across the Indian states where the lottery is legally allowed. At present, there are thirteen states where you can find vendors for the Sambad lottery.

Sambad lottery is a highly popular ongoing event that can be played three times in a day. The morning draw for the lottery is run by the Nagaland state and takes place at 11:55 PM every day. The afternoon draw is in West Bengal and is conducted at 04:00 PM every day. The evening draws of the Sambad lottery are run by the Nagaland State Lottery and take place at 08:00 PM.

The tickets of this Indian online lottery costs Rs. 6 with the jackpot prizes ranging between 25 lakhs to 31 lakhs.

Punjab Lottery

The Punjab lottery has been around since 1968, making it the second oldest lottery in the country. As it is one of the oldest lotteries in India, it is still enjoyed by millions of lotto players in the country.

The Punjab Lottery is controlled by the Finance Department of the State of Punjab, and it comes with 5 draws that take place in certain months of the year. Earlier, there were weekly and monthly draws available too, but this is no longer the case. The draws of this lottery take place in the Zila Parishad building in Ludigarh.

Below you can find a table of different Punjab state bumper lotteries, along with their draw month and jackpot prize. 

Draw MonthLotteryJackpot prize
JanuaryNew Year Lohri Bumper2 Crore
March  Holi Bumper  3 Crore
MayBaisakhi Bumper2 Crore
AugustRakhi Bumper3 Crore
NovemberDiwali Bumper3 Crore

Goa Lottery

The Goa state lottery is a special draw that is held to celebrate the homecoming of Lord Rama. As with many other Bumper draws, the Goa lottery is drawn during the festival of Diwali. For many players, it’s the best online lottery in India as it offers bigger prizes than regular draws.

To participate in the Goa lottery, you must be a citizen of the Goa state. Also, unlike online lottery Goa, you need to buy physical tickets for this lotto draw. Which are usually priced at Rs. 1,000. The exact date and hour of the draw vary from year to year.

The Goa state lottery has numerous prize tiers, with the highest being Rs. 5 crores. The second and third prizes of this lottery are capped at Rs. 10 lakhs and Rs. 5 lakhs respectively. Unlike other state run lotteries, the Goa lottery offers a generous lowest prize of Rs 2,000.

The jackpot prize of this lottery is given to the lucky player in a lump sum. The prizes of less than Rs. 10,000 can directly be claimed from the retailer where you bought the tickets. For lottery prizes bigger than that, however, you need to claim the prize from the organization.

Playwin Lottery

Playwin was an India online lottery that is available to residents of Sikkim, Goa, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Arunachal Pradesh. This lottery India online was operated by the state of Sikkim and is promoted by the Essel Group. The company running this lottery has since been declared insolvent. It is no longer possible to buy lottery tickets in India for this game.

What is the Government Lottery in India?

The history of the government lottery in India dates back to the 1960s. This was the time when all private lotteries were banned in the country and full control was given to the individual states. Since then, each Indian state has the authority to decide whether lotteries should be legal within their state territories.

Kerala was the first Indian state to start the lottery in India. With the aim to provide employment to their people, the Government of Kerala started the Kerala State Lotteries in 1967. Soon after its establishment, the Kerala State Lotteries became a norm amongst the Indian states. Many Indian states followed the example of Kerala and started their own lotteries.

The government lottery India usually offers two types of draws: regular draw and bumper draw. The regular draws come with small prizes and sell tickets for a short period of time. On the other hand, bumper draws occur occasionally and offer a huge jackpot prize that can be worth up to Rs. 10 crores.

How To Play Online Lottery India?

Besides the government lotteries, the internet and online gaming has made it possible for players to play international lotteries online. At our recommended online lottery sites, you can easily find numerous exciting lotteries with huge real money prize draws and jackpots that are available for Indian lottery players. Also, some of these online lottery website operators at times promote campaigns where they offer you to play online lottery in India free. Moreover, the lottery draws of the international lotteries on these online lottery platforms are governed by the legislature of the place where they’re happening. So, you can rest assured that they’re completely safe and secure, regulated and fair to play at.

Remember to play lottery responsibly and only play for cash amounts you are prepared to lose. The chances of winning big when you play lottery are small. The lotto prize money is attractive and to play lottery is fun an traditional. So enjoy it but be safe and secure. Then we all hope to get lucky to increase our chances of winning!

FAQ – Online Lottery India

How to buy lottery tickets online?

You buy online lottery tickets by selecting your favourite lottery from a licensed online lottery website. You are able to purchase the tickets after you have registered an account and made a cash deposit.

Is online lotteries legal to play in India?

The international lottery sites all hold valid remote gambling licenses for the operation of offering online lotteries and have required insurances in place for the big wins. You are safe and secure to deposit, to buy a lottery ticket as well as to withdraw your real money.

How to win the lottery?

In order to win the main prize in lottery you need to get very lucky and pick the exact correct combination of numbers in your lottery ticket as that are drawn. There are many smaller or easier combinations you can get to win smaller to sizeable prize cash amounts in the lottery.

How to play India online lottery?

Playing online lottery in India is quite straightforward. You need to register for an account at one of our recommended operators, make a deposit, choose your favourite lottery, buy a ticket, select your lucky numbers and wait till the winning numbers are drawn.

How to get the lottery results online in India?

To get lottery results online in India, you need to visit the official website of the lottery you’re playing. Alternatively, there are various other online portals that offer the results of the most popular Indian lotteries.

How to buy US lottery tickets online?

The online lottery sites in India we recommend offer lotteries from around the world. So, you can easily buy US Powerball lottery tickets at any of these lottery and casino operators.

Can I play online lotto games on mobile?

You can buy online lottery tickets in India and play the international lotteries from any mobile phone or tablet device with an internet connection. The sites and services are fully optimised for both Android and iOS devices.

Last Updated on March 28, 2021