Play Online Rummy | Game Guide and Sites List

In this article you can read all about playing real money Rummy at online casinos in India, as well as which are the best sites to do so. We reviewed and tested our partner casino sites that provide players with the option to play Rummy cash games online. You can also start out by learning how to play Rummy online free games. This game guide will cover what you need to know about getting started playing cards at the casinos.

  • Rummy game culture and its history
  • How to play Rummy online and the different game variations 
  • Game rules and our favourite tips of the game
  • Best casinos to play Rummy

Online Rummy Sites List



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Our casino team reviews and tests various casino games of the casino sites. Our best online Rummy sites list consists of online casinos that offer the game as well as safe and secure operations. In addition to checking the sites casino game variety, we check whether they offer new players online Rummy deposit bonuses and other promotions. We also ensure that Rummy is available to be played fully optimised in the casino mobile app version.

We have also looked at their variety of Indian payment methods. However, perhaps more importantly than the Rummy games, we have reviewed the casino site for safety and security of their payment methods and cash game play.

Our recommended Rummy online casinos are licensed and regulated by international regulatory authorities like the MGA. In addition, these operators have had their online gambling services certified by independent testing agencies like eCOGRA. This is done to make sure that gameplay is always operated in a fair and safe environment.

Our team’s final step is to contact the casino site’s customer service to check that the service response time is reliable and helpful. You can play Rummy online at one of our approved casinos and have a great experience!

How to Play Rummy Online?

Rummy consists of a large family of card game variations of the same game. The aim of the game is matching similar playing cards. The traditional game is designed for two or four players. If you play with more players, you need two deck of cards.

When playing Rummy at the online casinos, the number of players can vary depending on the casino site. One game can be played up to a specific game score or to a certain number of Rummy game rounds before there is a winner for the whole game. The winner is either the player who reached the set max score (as lowest score is the best) first or the player with best score at the time the set number of deals are finished.

The aim of the game is to be the first player to have all your dealt cards in either runs or sets.

Rummy Deal

In a Rummy hand the playing cards are dealt face down, with the remaining card deck placed on the table. This is the ‘stock pile‘. The uppermost card is turned over for all to see next to the stock pile. Each player acts on turn, during which you:

  • Either pick a card from the stock pile or choose the top card of the discards.
  • Evaluate your hand and either keep the card you picked or discard it.
  • You can play your cards in two ways: by putting a run or set on the table, or by adding to existing melds on the table.
  • A meld must have at least 3 cards in them.
  • At the end of each turn, a player throws away one card.
  • To win the hand you either have to have ‘gone out’ – meaning played all your cards in a consecutive runs; or played a ‘Rummy’ — played all your cards into melds within one turn.
  • When a player has played the entire hand, the other players are punished to the value of the remaining cards in their hand.
  • Cards are scored according to their face value with picture cards scoring ten and aces scoring one or eleven.
  • Hands will continue to be played until the player with the lowest score is announced the winner. This is triggered when one of the players reaches a predetermined maximum score or after a specified number of hands has been played.

Start of Rummy

When you play Rummy online, the game rules are straightforward. The game is played with two to four players. The number of cards that are dealt to each player is dependent on the variation you are playing. Online Rummy is mostly a game between you and the computer algorithm.

Rummy Melding

The rules of online Rummy is to arrange your cards into two different combinations. This process is known as melding. These two combinations consist of runs and sets which are also known as books. A run is a Rummy sequence of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. A set consists of three or four cards of the same value. Aces can be ranked either as high (14) or low card (one).

Rummy Card Values 

The following are the card values when counting the score: 

  • Deuces through tens (10’s) score at their face value, meaning that a 5 is worth 5 points.
  • Jacks, Queens, and Kings, the face cards, all receive 10 points each.
  • Wild cards or Jokers cost you 15 points each, if you are playing with them (Jokers are usually wild cards, and can complete any set; meaning, the Joker can be a substitute for any other card in the deck).
  • Aces are always 1 point when counting scores. 

Rummy Leftover Cards

Any card that is left over in the hand, meaning a card which does not form part of a set or sequence, is counted to the score at the end of the hand. Your main objective is always to aim for Rummy, the second objective is to have the lowest score possible of the “left over” cards that are not part of any set. 

Reducing Rummy Points

Rummy is one of the few card games in which the aim is to have as low points as possible. During the game round you will need to make constant strategic efforts to reduce the total points in your hand to win. 

One of the best ways to reduce points is to aim to keep cards of lower value in your hand. Alternatively, try to discard high value cards early on in the game if you have not managed to complete a set or a sequence with them. This will increase your chances to play your remaining cards better and to have the lowest score possible in case your opponent “knocks” and you end up counting your cards. 

Another tip is not to hold onto other high point cards that are not part of a sequence. High point cards include cards that have a higher value than five. The objective of the game is that you constantly aim to reduce your points in Rummy.

To reduce points, you also need to make the best possible use of the Joker and keep rearranging the cards you have at hand. The joker is not part of all variations, but when played make sure to make use of it early on! That way, you will always know you have optimised your position by not risking a high score by leaving the joker valued at 15 points outside of a set or sequence. 

What is the Importance of the Rummy Discard Pile? 

A discard pile in Rummy is made up of cards that players have thrown away, cards that they no longer need. It is strategically very important to keep track of which cards have been discarded. This provides you with valuable insight of what cards your opponent is collecting. As well as telling you which cards have passed to know which cards you should no longer count on to make drawing to your hand. 

To Monitor Discard Pile is Observing Your Opponent 

A good Rummy strategy is not only taking notice of your own cards. You should also always keep watch on the cards thrown in the discard pile. To observe the discard pile helps you keep track of whether the cards you’re hoping to pick up have already been thrown away. 

In this way, indirectly, you are also monitoring your opponent and their every move. This is a very important part of optimal Rummy game strategy. 

What is a Rummy Hand?

Win playing Rummy Online
Example of a winning hand in Rummy.

A ‘Rummy hand’ includes all the cards in your hand that will help you to win. If the hand is played with two players and each player is dealt ten cards a Rummy Hand would consist of all ten cards made up in either sets or sequences.  

When to Knock in Rummy? Always Knock Strong

The most live Rummy games you have the option of knocking. This literally involves tapping the table when you have almost all your cards formed into winning meld combinations. In addition, the leftover cards that are not part of the meld combinations count to less than 10 when their combined point value is calculated. 

If you reach this stage you can knock and show your cards on the table. After a knock, that specific Rummy game round ends and the score are counted. Your score comes from the deadwood — cards that aren’t part of winning meld combinations. If your opponent’s deadwood exceeds your deadwood, you will have to pick up the difference between your total and theirs. If your opponents leftover cards are less than yours than you will get an additional score added to yours dependent on which Rummy variation is played. 

Always try to knock early on in the game, unless your hand is highly optimised for making a complete Rummy Hand or Gin as it is called in the Gin Rummy version. The longer the game goes on, the more wary you should be of knocking, as your opponent could already have a smaller deadwood than yours.

History of Rummy

The history of the game is both fascinating and engaging. Although there are a number of variations of the Rummy card game, the basic elements of the game remain the same. Its rules are also straightforward and simple. Here’s the short history version of the classic game. 

  • The Mexican game of ‘Conquian’ is thought to be the original form of Rummy. This game was played mostly in Spain and Mexico after which it made its way to North America. The game also travelled to England and back over the Atlantic. 
  • There’s also the theory that the game of Rummy was invented by French settlers in the West from the game of poker. Poker and Rummy are similar to each other in terms of grouping cards and forming sequences. 
  • There is also a theory that Rummy made its way to Asia through the Japanese game of Hanafuda. This was back in the 17th century when Hanafuda was a popular game with a variety of card designs. 
  • Whatever theory is correct about how the game of Rummy originated, it has certainly broken boundaries to bring players all around the world together. 

Different Rummy variations

Card games have always been a popular means of entertainment all over the world and across cultures. The online Rummy cash game is taking the world by storm. Different cultures have modified the game which has led to a number of different Rummy variations. The online Rummy circle grew substantially with the Internet and online gambling boom since this card game stands strong through the test of time.  

Here are a few well known game variations:

Indian Rummy

Also known as Paplu, Indian Rummy is an easy version to learn and play. This version of online Rummy is a multiplayer card game played among two to six players. Indian Rummy is played with one or two card decks dependent of number of players. Two players can play on a two player table and up to six players can play on a six player table. The game starts when a minimum of two players are seated at the table. 13 cards are dealt to each of the players and they pick and discard the cards upon their turn. Always going in a clockwise direction. To win the game is you make proper Rummy sequences and or sets before your opponents.

13 Cards Rummy

13 Cards Rummy is just another name for Indian Rummy. This version has three variations including Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy. 

Gin Rummy

Played with a standard deck of 52 cards, Gin Rummy is the easiest and probably most known version of online Rummy. It is a popular variant among European gamblers. It is a two player game and each player gets 10 cards which have to be put into at least 3 card sequences and/or sets. The cards are ranked from King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace. Face cards hold 10 points each, number cards carry points same as their face value while an Ace card has just 1 point. The only restriction is that the sequences must be of the same suit.

Oklahoma Rummy

Oklahoma Rummy is a popular version of Gin Rummy and can be played by two to four players. This version makes use of a standard deck of 52 cards and a randomly selected Joker. If there are two players, both of them get 10 cards each; if players are more than two, then each player gets seven cards each. The Ace holds 1 point, the face cards carry 10 points and number cards have the value of their number. Players have to meld their cards and they can get rid of those cards. The player who first discards all his/her cards is the winner.

Kalooki Rummy

Kalooki Rummy is very popular in Jamaica and the former Yugoslavia region. A Rummy game played with three to eight players. The number of card decks depends upon the number of players. Each game of Kalooki Rummy is played for nine deals. The aim of the game is to go out by melding and laying down all your cards. The player who has the lowest total score at the end of all the deals, is the winner. Points are allotted to cards in a somewhat different way – Joker (50), Black Aces (15 each), Red Aces (1 each), face cards (10 each) and number cards (same as their face value).

500 Rummy

500 Rummy is also known as Pinochle Rummy and Michigan Rummy and is a game of two to eight players. In this game, the player who gets 500+ points first is the winner. 13 cards are dealt to each player. Properly melded cards help you carry points and the cards that are not a part of any meld get your points deducted. Ace, face cards and Joker carry 1, 10 and 15 points respectively. Players are allowed to take more than one card to reach a card lower down in the pile.

Online Casino Rummy Games

When you play Rummy online real money games, the rules of the game are quite simple. Rummy game rules start with the fact that the game is played with two to four players. Online Rummy is mostly a game between you and the computer. Live dealer Rummy is currently non existent but some casinos might offer multiplayer gameplay. 

The stakes vary. Both small stakes players and high stakes player can play Rummy online cash games. To learn how the online games work, new players are recommended to play few free game Rummy hands.

Online Rummy is different to live Rummy. Online Rummy is a virtual game where the output of the game is generated by a random number generator. This is a fair and secure game to play. Our online Rummy sites that offer the video Rummy cash games, are tested and verified by independent third party testing and certification labs like eCogra, NMi and BMM. 

Online Rummy Casino App

All online games are cashier transactions are also fully accessible through your mobile device. The games come optimised to the smaller screen with the mobile apps of the online Rummy sites. Players also have access to play Rummy free games to practice your skills before heading over to the real money games. You can either select the web mobile app or download the casino app to play online Rummy on the go on your mobile or tablet. Both Android and iOS devices are supported.

Free Rummy Online

Apart from playing online Rummy for real money, you can also play an online Rummy free game. Free Rummy allows you to practice your skills so that you can be well educated before you start playing for real money. This can of course increase your chance to win. You can also play Rummy online free without registration. All you have to do is pick a casino from our online Rummy sites list and start to play!

Playing Rummy online and potentially winning money is down to skill with an element of luck of the draw. There are a couple of strategies that you can adopt to maximise your chance to potentially win some cash. Here are our top Rummy strategies:

  • Aim for pure sequences – Pure sequences ensure that you don’t get the sum of the points of all the cards in your hand if your opponent ends the game at any time. 
  • Discard your high value cards early– To collect cards that have high points increase your risk to lose high points if  your opponent stops the game by going out with his/her hand.
  • Use versatile middle numbers – It is easier to form sequences with middle cards like 5 and 6 than with high value cards like Aces.

Our Best Online Rummy Tips

We’ve got your back. Playing Rummy online is simple. However, it can only benefit you to go well prepared to an online game. Here are our top tips to increase your chances at beating your opponent in a game of Rummy. 

  • Improvise the way you use your Jokers. You can use them after forming a pure sequence and form another sequence with them to reduce your total points if your opponent declares the game before you do. 
  • Arrange the cards in your hand in alternate colours to arrange them in a better order. You can group your cards in a red–black or black–red–black colour combination that can help avoid confusion and avoid making mistakes such as discarding a useful card.
  • Observe your opponent closely and track the cards they pick and discard.
  • Constantly rearrange your cards to stay on top of the cards that you presently have. During the excitement of the game, you might miss an important card and lose an opportunity to win the game. 
  • There are some hands that you don’t have to play. 
  • If you lose, try to lose by minimum points to reduce the amount that you lose. 
  • Never play for money than you are prepared to lose.
  • Enjoy the game!


Now you’re well informed about playing online Rummy, and ready to start mastering this exciting card game for yourself. All you need to do is visit one of our recommended Rummy online casino sites, sign-up in minutes and start to play. Whether you choose to play free Rummy game or a real money game, the listed top casino sites offer both options.

Our recommended Rummy sites have been tried and tested. They offer all the best quality games, a wide range of popular Indian payment methods and professional customer support. Whichever casino you choose, you can rest assured that you’re playing Rummy at a safe and trusted site. Start playing online Rummy today!


Is it safe to play Rummy online?

To play Rummy online at one of our listed casinos is safe and secure. Our team has reviewed and tested the casinos check their safety and security for all players. The listed casinos are licensed and regulated by international gambling authorities and they offer safe Rummy games and payments transactions with the latest encryption technologies.

On which online casino sites can I play online Rummy?

We listed the casinos which currently offer online Rummy in India for real money. To start playing at one of our top sites is simple. Pick your favourite casino, sign up and get started. You can either choose to play Rummy for free or for real money.

How can I win at Rummy?

There is no foolproof way of winning at Rummy. Rummy is a game of skill with an element of chance, your odds can go either way. However, if you follow a good Rummy strategy, you will maximise your odds and get the chance to potentially increase your winnings. There is no way to guarantee a win, but to follow our guide and tips can increase your chances.

Can I play Rummy for free online?

Yes, our listed Rummy sites also offer a free version of the online game. Playing Rummy for free is a good way to practice your skills before going ahead to make a deposit and playing cash games.

How many card decks are used in Rummy?

Most variations of Rummy are played with one or two decks of cards. This depends on the amount of players in the hand. For two players one deck is used, for more players you use two decks of cards.

Why is Rummy so popular in India?

Indian Rummy is extremely popular in India. The Supreme Court recognised Rummy as a game that requires a player’s intellectual skill in order to win. In the last one decade with online Rummy, the game has witnessed exponential growth in popularity. Rummy is now being recognised as mainstream entertainment, especially online Rummy. Card games are in general very popular in India, so of course Rummy is also in the top list!

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