Sikkim State Lottery

As one of the most popular Indian state lotteries, the Sikkim State Lottery provides lotto players with the chance to win generous prize money amounts. On this page, we take a look at everything you need to know about the Sikkim lottery. From the schedule and rules to the various lottery bumper draws.

  • Can you play the Sikkim lottery online?
  • The various Sikkim Bumper draws and their respective prizes
  • The pros and cons of playing the Sikkim lottery

About Sikkim State Lottery

The introduction of the first legal Sikkim state lottery scheme was in the year 1978, by the Government of the State. The lottery was initiated with a goal to guarantee a fair and transparent lottery for the people in the state. As with all other state lotteries in India, the Sikkim lottery is operated under the rules and regulations that are issued by the federal government.

The Government of Sikkim lottery was established with an objective to generate and raise cash funds for multiple different social welfare programs. The revenue generated from the Sikkim lottery will be used for health and educational programs. As well as to help some of the less privileged people in the Sikkim society. 

Since its introduction, the Sikkim state lottery has gone through several changes in terms of the ticket price and sales. However the lottery has always been operated by the Government of Sikkim. The Sikkim lotto will continue to go through changes from time to time. These changes will be announced by the State Government with timely notice.

Besides the daily draws, the Sikkim State lottery organises several other bumper draws. Such as Sankranti Bumper Draw, Saraswati Bumper Draw, Baisakhi Sikkim Lottery Draw, and other. The Bumper draws are restricted to a maximum of 6 draws per year. This is to enable to collect bigger draw prize money jackpots.

Sikkim Lottery Schedule

The Sikkim State Lottery comes with two types of draws. The daily draws and bumper draws. Lottery tickets for the daily draws are available for players to buy from authorised lotto agents for as little as ₹10. The Sikkim state lottery ticket for the Bumper draws is slightly more expensive than the daily draws. The Bumper Draw lottery tickets cost range between ₹ 200 Rs. to ₹2000 Rs. But it gets compensated by the fact that Bumper draws come with higher prize rewards than the daily ones.

The daily draws, also referred to as Dear Labhlaxmi Lottery, are conducted each day of the week. The draw for the daily lottery takes place at 06:00 pm. IST every weekend and weekday. The Bumper draws are only conducted six times a year. The draws are usually held in connection to special events and national holidays.

The ticket price for the Sikkim State lottery varies from draw to draw. Tickets for the Dear Labhlaxmi draw are the lowest in price at ₹10. Whereas it can go to a few thousand Indian rupees for the Bumper draws.

The Sikkim Lottery Online

The lottery results are presented shortly after the draw on the official Sikkim state lottery government site. So, you can navigate to the official Sikkim online lottery site to check the results. However, the tickets for the Sikkim lottery are not available to buy online. So, it’s currently not possible for players to purchase lottery tickets for the Sikkim lottery online. Players who want purchase a Sikkim lottery ticket, will need to purchase it from any authorised lotto agent or retailer.

Play Lotto Online

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It is not yet possible to play the Sikkim lottery online. So to play and participate in the best online lottery India has to offer online. The easiest way to go ahead is to buy tickets to the international lottery draws. The international lottery providers we review and top list on our site are not subject to Indian gambling laws. They operate under international regulation. Meaning it is possible for you to play online lottery with them. All of the lottery sites operate under valid remote gambling licenses. They follow strict security protocols for how the games are handled as well as how real money transactions are processed. Meaning you are in safe environment to play lotto online!

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How To Play Lottery Online?

To play online lottery at any of our recommended lotto sites is simple and straightforward. If you haven’t played the online lottery before, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick your favourite site from our list of recommended online lottery providers.
  2. Register your lotto account by entering the required information such as email, address, and date of birth.
  3. Verify your online lottery account by confirming your email address.
  4. Make a deposit. Several popular Indian payment methods are available.
  5. Select the online lottery you want to play.
  6. Select the lottery numbers you wish to your ticket. Or, use the random generator feature to generate a random set of numbers for your lottery ticket.
  7. Confirm your lottery ticket purchase, when you have selected the lottery numbers.
  8. You can view your lottery ticket numbers in your online account.
  9. Wait and watch the draw!

Dear Labhlaxmi Lottery Draw

The Dear Lottery Sikkim draw takes place at 06:00 pm, every day of the week. The dear lottery ticket price is currently ₹ 10, and its top prize is ₹ 10,000. To check the daily draw results for the dear Sikkim State lottery online, you can visit the official Sikkim lottery website. 

Sikkim Bumper Draws

The Sikkim Bumper lotteries are held in connection to the festivals in India. The Bumper draws are restricted to a maximum of six times a year due to government regulations. The first prize amounts for these lotteries are in a completely different prize range than the daily draws. You will see exponentially higher jackpots in the Bumper Draws compared to the dailies.

Unlike Dear Labhlaxmi lottery tickets which are quite affordable. The ticket price for these Sikkim state lottery draws range from ₹ 200 to ₹ 2000. Below we’ve listed the six Sikkim Bumper lottery draws:

Sankranti Bumper Lottery

The Sankranti lottery is held in January in Sikkim State, India. The Lottery ticket price for this draw costs ₹ 500 each. Tickets are usually sold in just one series numbering 00 000 to 99 999.

The total value of the lottery tickets issued for the Sankranti lottery is ₹ 5 crores. The first prize is an amazing ₹ 2 crores, with the second prize being ₹ 25 lakhs. There are an additional 100 lottery prizes of ₹ 9,000 each that are awarded in the third tier.

Saraswati Bumper Lottery

The Sankranti lottery is held in February in Sikkim State, India. The lottery ticket price for this draw cost ₹ 200 each and are usually sold in series lettered A and B with five digits.

The total value of tickets printed for this draw is more than ₹ 2 crores. With the first prize being ₹ 1.25 crores, the second prize of ₹ 10 lakhs which is awarded to one lucky lottery winner. In addition, there are 20 lottery prizes of ₹ 9,000 in the third tier. Another 200 lottery prizes in the fourth, fifth and sixth tier.

Sikkim Dear Holi Bumper Lottery

The Sikkim Dear Holi Lottery is held in connection to the festival of Holi. With a lottery ticket price of ₹ 500, and a money prize of ₹ 3 crores is awarded to the lucky lottery draw winner. The second and third prizes for this lottery are ₹ 50 lakh and ₹ 20 lakh respectively.

Previously there were eight levels of lottery prizes for the Sikkim state lottery Dear Holi Bumper draw. The prize amount was ₹ 1,000 for the eighth-place prize and it went all the way up to ₹ 3 crore for the top prize.

Baisakhi Bumper Lottery

The Baisakhi Lottery runs yearly to celebrate the festival of Baisakhi. The draw for this lottery takes place in April in Sikkim State, India. The lottery ticket price cost ₹ 200 each and are usually sold in two series lettered A and B with five digits from 00 000 to 99 999.

With the first prize being ₹ 1.50 crores, the second prize of ₹ 10 lakhs will also be awarded to the lucky winners of the draw. There are an additional 20 prizes of ₹ 9,000 in the second tier. Another 200 lottery prizes awarded in the fourth, fifth and sixth tier.

Diwali Puja Bumper Lottery

The Diwali Puja Lottery takes place in the month of November in Sikkim State, India. Lottery tickets cost ₹2,000 each and will usually be sold in five series.

Last year, the first prize for the draw was ₹ 5 crores. With the second and third prizes being ₹ 1 crore and ₹10 lakh each.

Dear New Year Bumper Lottery

The draw for the Dear New Year lottery takes place on the 1st of January each year. Here, the lottery winner gets a first prize of ₹ 2 crores. With the second and third prizes being ₹ 10 lakh and ₹ 9,000 respectively.

For the 2020 draw, there was five series labeled as A, B, C, D, and E. The lottery ticket cost ₹ 200.

When the lottery results are out, for Indian lottery players to be able to claim the big prizes from the lottery draws. Winners will need to provide proof of ownership and proof of identity. These need to be provided within 30 days of the announcement of the lottery result.

Pros and Cons of the Sikkim State Lottery


  • Everyday lottery entertainment throughout the year
  • Affordable lottery ticket prices
  • Bumper draws with jackpot prizes up to ₹ 5 crores
  • Lots of lotto agents throughout the state


  • Can’t buy Sikkim lottery tickets online
  • Long and inconvenient payout process
  • Small jackpot prizes for daily Sikkim State lottery draws
  • Unauthorised lotto agents might sell fake Sikkim State lottery tickets

Our Conclusion

The Sikkim State Lottery with its traditional style works well with Indian players who have the time to visit the land based authorised lottery agents to buy lottery tickets. For the younger generation of players. People more used to handle their daily business on the internet. These online lotteries are the more attractive option. They provide you with the option to easily buy online tickets to any lottery in the world in a matter of seconds. You will have be able to watch multiple draws as well as get an easy overview of the lottery results on the same site.

Also to note is that the online lotteries usually feature much higher prize money rewards than the state lotteries. So, players have the opportunity to win higher prizes by playing lotteries at the regulated and legit lottery sites listed below. Also the draws are usually conducted faster, so you will know the lottery results pretty much straight away.

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What Online Lottery Sites Offer Players

For Indian players who want to play the lottery online. Online lottery sites offer to experience the thrill and excitement of the lottery draws online without the need to visit a lotto agent. We have reviewed the options and prepared a top list for you with the best online lottery sites. All our recommended lottery sites offer a wide variety of online lottery games, international lotteries and localised versions.

In addition when you play the lottery online, you will be able to receive various welcome bonus offers and promotions. These you can use to buy further lottery tickets. Just make sure to always read the bonus rules so you know what wagering requirements will be needed in case you win.

Online Lottery Player Service

Another benefit when you play lotto online, is that you have access to customer support 24/7. This is very good, in case you have any questions related to the lottery draw, your confirmed tickets and more. Also, you will find that these lottery and casino sites offer a majority of the popular Indian payment options. Meaning you can process all your real money transactions without any hassle. Fast deposits and safe withdrawals are always a top priority when we review a casino site.

When playing online, you will also be able to go back and see the lottery results for the tickets you bought in the transaction history of your account. Otherwise, the customer support has access the lottery results of each played draw. This is another benefit of playing online, every lottery result is easily accessible on record.

We only recommend lottery sites that have been regulated by reputable gambling authorities. As well as ensure the sites follow all the required safety measures. We do this so that you can simply sit back and play. You will not need to think about your safety and security at any of our recommended online lottery platforms. Good luck in the draws!


How to play the Sikkim state lottery?

The lottery tickets for the Sikkim state lottery are sold by authorised dealers and lotto agents at land based stores. To play the Sikkim lottery, you need to visit your nearest lottery retailer and buy physical tickets for the lottery.

How to claim the Sikkim state lottery winnings?

Any winning of up to ₹ 10,000 can be claimed at any licensed lottery retailer, regardless of where the lottery ticket was bought. However, lottery prizes larger than ₹ 10,000 will need to be claimed from the deputy director of lotteries.

Is it safe to play lottery online?

Yes. All our listed lottery sites are regulated by well known international gambling authorities and also tested by independent third party test laboratories for the safety and security of the online games. It is fully safe to play the lottery with any of our recommended online lottery providers.

On which casino site can I play the online lottery?

You can easily play the international and localised online lottery by signing up at any of the top listed lotto sites. Our recommended sites offer a fun and enjoyable lottery experience, so it all comes down to your personal preferences when choosing a site.

How can I win on the Sikkim lottery?

The game of Sikkim State lottery is based on the element of chance, so you need to be super lucky to win it. However, most draw has its winner. Taking a chance of that being you is part of the fun.

Last Updated on June 9, 2021