Online Slots: Our All In One Guide to Play Online!

Interested in playing online slots? We have gathered all you need to know about slots and how to get started, including top online casinos. In our comprehensive online slots guide you can find:

  • Slot varieties on offer
  • How to get started
  • Top slot tips and strategies

Best Online Slots Sites

Finding reliable websites to play online slots can be a long task due to the magnitude of options to choose from. We have compiled a selection of top casino sites to safely play slots at, to save you time. We looked into websites with a wide selection of games to play, and top-notch customer service. We also looked at the variety of payment methods on offer, and rest assured all these sites are perfectly safe.

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History of Slots

While online slots may always be advancing with technology, the history of slots actually go back for over 100 years. Here’s the story of slots.

  • 1891: At the end of the 19th Century in Brooklyn, New York, Sittman and Pitt created a gaming machine. Bearing five drums consisting of a total of 50 card faces, originally gameplay was based around poker. It’s widely regarded that this was the precursor to the modern-day slot.
  • 1895: Not long after in San Francisco, California, an entrepreneur named Charles Fey developed a simpler version of the drum game. This machine had only three spinning reels stamped with symbols, including a Liberty Bell, which became the game’s namesake. The modern slot machine as we know it began. The game rapidly amassed popularity fuelled by the increased chances of winning.
  • 1963: Throughout the first half of the 20th Century, copious slot versions were developed. However, it was not until the 60’s that Bally built the first completely electromechanical slot machine. It was called the “Money Honey”.
  • 1976: In Las Vegas, the first electronic slot (video slot) was created by the company Fortune Coin Co. This slot machine used a modified 19-inch color screen of the Sony boards and software for all machine functions. After security alterations to prevent the game cheating, it gained state approval. The machine was then placed at the Hilton Hotel.
  • 1994: The world’s very first online casino was created. 
  • 1998: Microgaming becomes the first to launch the progressive slot jackpot called Cash Splash.
  • 2011: A Norwegian student makes slot history by winning €11.7 million when playing NetEnt’s progressive jackpot slot; Mega Fortune. 
  • 2020: There are thousands of online slots and casinos from which to choose. You can expect incredible advances in technology and design, as well as themed slots.

Different Types of Slots

Online slots come in a variety of shapes and forms. To a beginner, the choice can be overwhelming, so allow us to clear things up for you.

Classic Reel Slots

These online slot games are very similar to ones you may have seen at land-based casinos. Typically, they come with 3-5 reels. Many slot fans enjoy them as they are straightforward to play. To win, just match the symbols across the top, middle or bottom line.  

You will notice classic slots often use fruits like cherries, oranges and lemons as symbols on the reels. Additional online slot symbols may include bars, lucky sevens or bells.

Video Slots

Video slots usually offer an enhanced online slot experience with sharp graphics or animated stories. They come filled with autoplay features, bonus games and free spin features. Also, they have multiple paylines and options for choosing the number of coins to bet on every active payline. 

In many video slots, the symbols are no longer just fruit symbols. Some of them depict scatters, multipliers, wilds and specific bonuses which offer various rewards when activated. 

Progressive Jackpot Slots

As the name implies, these slots typically have a different sized progressive jackpots attached to them which increases incrementally. A small percentage of all players’ bets is collected towards the overall jackpot. This running total is usually displayed in the game. Once the prize is won, the jackpot starts accumulating all over again from a predetermined amount, named the seed amount provided by the casinos.

Multi Payline Slots

These are a step away from traditional reel slots with just one payline. Multi paylines offer several opportunities to win. Paylines can be formed diagonally, straight or a plethora of directions. Multi payline slots can offer 3, 4, 5 or even 25 paylines. It all depends on the game you choose to play. Within the game window of most multi payline slots you can click on ‘View Paylines’ or game settings to see all payline options. 

Mega Spin Slots

This is the next level of slot gaming. In essence, you can play 3 to 9 games at once. Once you have selected your game, bet amount and press go, the slot story unfolds. Up to 45 reels in all the games start spinning simultaneously. This means that the odds of winning and hitting a jackpot multiply. Typically, 3-reel slots are the ones you will find in mega spins; however, there are some exceptions.

Slots Rules

Slot rules vary greatly depending on which game you choose to play. On the whole, slots are straightforward to play. However, it’s always a good idea to read the rules before playing any online slot game. 

You will need to choose the type of slot machine you wish to play. There are some things to think about as you make your choice: How many coins can you play per round? In other words, what bet amount per each spin do you want to play for?  How many reels are there? How many paylines are in the game? 

The answers to these questions will guide your online slot decision.

Here are a few online slot terms you may find:

  • Paytable: Video slot games, as well as all other slot machines, have a paytable. The paytable explains how every feature of the game can be played. This includes all the bonus features offered by the slot.
  • Win Both Ways: These slots award payouts for winning combinations on the paylines from both right-to-left and left-to-right.
  • 1024 Ways to Win: These slots step away from the traditional paylines and provide wins to any of the left-right symbol combinations.
  • 243 Ways to Win: These slots do not add more paylines. Wins are awarded for three or more matching symbols appearing on neighbouring reels from left-right. This slot type is similar to the 1024 Ways to Win slots; however, it has fewer ways to win.
  • Free Spins: Online slots free spins are reel spins for which you do not have to pay to play. Free spins can be activated in many ways, but they usually involve obtaining three or more Scatter symbols. Alternatively, there may also be specific Free Spin Scatter symbols, appearing anywhere on the reels. Free spins generated within the game are not the same as the free spins offered as promotions by the casinos upon registration or to try out games. 
  • Scatter Symbols: These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels in order to be activated. Three or more Scatter Symbols not only enables a free spins bonus but often awards a payout which is double all the bets per spin. This, however, depends on the slot game chosen.
  • Wild Symbols: These work like the wildcards found in card games. They replace other symbols that are on the reels enabling perhaps easier the winning combinations to be formed.

How to Play Slots Online?

All the information you need to get started is right here in this game guide. Check out one of our reputable recommended casinos and sign up today. It’s always a good idea to play some slots online for free. Once you know what slot variety you prefer, make a deposit and enjoy the world of online slots!

Are Online Slots Fair or Rigged?

Slot machines are controlled by a random number generator (RNG) that determines when the reels will stop spinning, and whether you win or lose. These are regulated by fairness entities such as eCOGRA and other specific independent third party laboratories.

Another term you may come across is Return to Player (RTP). This explains the amount a slot pays back to the players over a large number of spins. You will usually find RTP written as a percentage. For example, a slot with RTP of 96% will give back €96 for every €100 that goes into it.

Most Popular Slots Strategies

While the key factor determining slot success is luck, there are a few strategies experienced players take into account. We have compiled some top slot strategies to help you along your online slot journey.

Effective Bankroll Management

If you wish to increase your gaming strategy, you first have to decide on your bankroll and the bet sizes and stick to the amount. If you win you can choose to increase your bet amounts. If you lose, you should accept it. Try to avoid chasing losses as you could end up losing even more. Also when you follow your set bankroll, you ensure that you play cool headed and for reasonable bet amounts.

Bet Maximum at the Progressive Slots

Many slot fans believe you should bet on all pay lines and with the maximum number of coins in jackpot games. This is to avoid the scenario in which you achieve the best combination but fail to win the jackpot because you didn’t Bet Max. However, often this is fiction! Make sure to read the game rules, often you can also chase the jackpot for minimum spin amount.

Read the Paytable Before Playing

The paytable will allow you to understand the combinations that have the potential for winning money. It also gives you an idea of what to expect for a payout. The slot with the highest payout is naturally a good choice.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you play for real money, you should practice for you to know the game options available and try different games. Free slots, play money games or slot games offered in demo mode can help you familiarise with slot games.

Set Betting Limits

Your betting limits and bankroll should determine the slot machine you are playing. It’s not good for you to gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. Reputable sites can help you manage limits. If you find yourself becoming concerned, the sites we have recommended provide ways to limit your spending and gameplay to help you take back control.

Free Slots

Playing online games for free is the best way to understand the variety of slots on offer, and to see what suits you best. You can play free versions of games on the sites we recommended at the start of this guide. 

Free slots are online slots with no deposit, and you can practice as much as you wish. For many games, it’s also possible to watch a game demo on YouTube. 

You may also find free online slots with bonus games, which will help you understand how they work.

Our Best Slots Tips

Once you have read the slot strategies we mentioned earlier, it’s time to choose a casino from our recommended sites. Be sure to try some free online games first. Next, sign up and create an account, deposit your funds, and you are ready to go and play live slots online!

Slots FAQ

Is it Safe to play Slots online?

Yes, it is safe to play slots online at reputable sites. The slots we have identified in this guide have all been tested by independent entities.

On which website can I play online Slots?

Plenty of casino sites offer an array of slots to choose from. Check the list of recommended casinos at the start of this guide and sign up.

How can I win at Slots?

Ultimately, the primary way of winning slots is to be lucky! However, if you follow the strategies in this guide, they will help you progress your gameplay safely.

Can I play Slots for free online?

Certainly! We highly recommend playing free slots online. Check the best online slots casinos we have listed in this guide.

Last Updated on September 14, 2020