Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti and its variations are classic examples of why this card game continues to be a dominant force in the Indian gambling scene. Both online and offline. As each variation brings something new, players have a lot to explore and enjoy with a game like Teen Patti. However, in order to become a game master, you need a foundation with the right amount of info about the variations of Teen Patti. To achieve that, all you have to do is read our guide which covers the variations that are always played in India. 

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Best Sites to Play Teen Patti

It’s always important to start at the right place. Before any of the cards are dealt, we need to acknowledge the game and where it can be played safely. In other words, the first thing that we need to do before exploring variations of Teen Patti is to check out the best sites that mostly offer traditional Teen Patti but also several versions of it. Here are some of the best Teen Patti sites, which are all licensed by well known authorities and legal to play at. You will be able to deposit well know Indian payment methods like, UPI, NetBanking and AstroPay Card to name a few.

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999 is a fun game variation where your aim is to get as close to the hand combination 9-9-9 as possible. 

Every game variation brings in a particular aim to achieve something specific in the game. Similarly, the goal of 999 is to get your playing cards closest to the number combination of 9-9-9. The player who manages to get closer to this number will win the game. 999 is all about the numbers, the suit of your playing cards is irrelevant. 

  • All face cards (K, Q, J, 10) have zero (0) value while other cards (deuces to nine)are ranked according to their actual number order. 
  • The Ace equals 1
  • For example: if your sequence is A-3-6, your number is 136. However, you are allowed to change the order of the cards, so in this case you should play 6-3-1 to get closer to 9-9-9.

Lallan Kallan 

In Lallan Kallan, the dealer deals three cards to each player playing at the table. The card with the odd colour of the three cards will be the Joker card. For instance, if you have two black cards and one red card, the red card will be your joker. Note that, if it happens that all your three cards are black or red, you’ll be disqualified from the game round.


This particular game begins with players being dealt six cards each. For the game to start, players will split these cards into three separate hands. Where the first hand will have three cards, the second hand two cards and the third hand, one card. As you have a number of cards, arranging them in order is not required to proceed with the game.

Once the game begins, bets for the first hand will be placed and the second round will start after the winner of the first hand is known, then second hand winner will be determined after which 3 hand winner is determined. To win the 3-2-1 game, you need to win two or more game rounds. The player that wins two hands out of three or all three, will win the pot of money placed as bets. However, if there is no winner of the game round, the money stays in the pot for the next round. 

1942 Love Story

With the 1942 Love Story variation, all number 1,9,4,2 cards are joker cards and can be played as any number or suit. Meaning, whenever you have one of these numbers in your hand, you can use the Joker to replace a card in your playing hand to form your Teen patti sequence.

While Teen Patti variations and the game, in general, can be played in all languages, this game variation is played in Hindi. 

2 Cards Open

Here, two cards are dealt face-up and the third card face-down to each player at the table. After dealing the cards, the game continues as usual. Players make their cash bets based on what they think the third card in the game could be. Note that there is no option to play blind or chaal (call and raise) in this variant of playing Teen Patti.

2 Cards Open starts with two cards being dealt face up and the third card will be dealt face down. Once the initial deal is dealt, players in the game round will place their bets gambling on what the third card can be and whether it will form a sequence with the two cards that are shown. Players will have to continue by placing bets on the third card. So you cannot opt to check. 

Winner: Player with best combination of two shown cards and third card dealt face down. 

4x Boot

Game variation for the thrill seeking gamblers! The only difference between a traditional game of Teen Patti and the 4x Boot variant is the bet levels. A boot or ante bet is the price of participating in a hand. In 4x Boot you play with Ante bet x 4. 

This Teen Patti variant uses the same rules as traditional Teen Patti. The only difference is that the Ante bet here is four times that of the normal boot value

10x Boot

The Boot or the Ante is the original starting bet amount that players place into the pot for the winner. This  game is played with the same rules as played in the original version of the game. However, the initial money value of an ante of each deal is increased to ten times the Boot amount. 


Sharing the same name with the assault rifle, the title AK47 indicates the letters and numbers of the cards that are Jokers or Wilds. That means the Ace, the King, the Four and the Seven, of all the suits, will be wilds.

AK47 is another variant that shares a few similarities with 1942 Love Story. In the 1942 Love Story all cards with numbers 1,9,4,2 are Joker cards. However, in AK47 the King, Ace, 4 and 7 can be played as Joker cards. As a result, these cards can be used to substitute with the rest to form the best possible hand to win the hand.


Auction is slightly different from the rest. For starters, players are dealt three cards each. After which the dealer deals two (2) piles of three (3) cards each on the table. Each of the piles are dealt with one open card and two face down cards. The cards played open in the two piles will serve as joker cards for all players. When the initial deal is dealt, the two piles on the table will be opened for auction.

Now players will take turns and make bids for the piles. While players are always going to make bids, the ones with a better hand already can choose not to bid. Once the highest bidder is known, this player can replace the pile on the table with his/her old cards. The players who choose to replace the cards will have the old cards discarded. The auction bids will be played for and added to the main pot.

Winner: After both piles of cards are sold, the game round will continue with the two open cards serving as joker cards for all players. Player at the end with the best Teen Patti hand wins the pot, including antes and bids. 


Banko is a variant where all players take turns on their own. When it is your turn to play, you will have to bet a stake amount into the pot. The bet levels are agreed before the hand starts. Now two cards are dealt face up to all players at the table. Now players have to bet on whether the next card will be within your dealt numbers or not. If the third card hits between, you win and stay in the game. The round will continue until one player will win the full pot. 

Winner: This betting game process goes on until there is only one player left in the game, who will win the entire pot.

Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen

Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen is a variant far from being called the regular Teen Patti. 

  • For this variant, players will be dealt three cards. 
  • Which is followed by two rounds where players buy Jokers. 
  • In the first round of the game, you will have to pay the agreed bet amount for Jokers. These bets are collected in the pot. 
  • Players can pick any card they like to be a Joker card by placing it open. Remaining players can buy the same Joker.

You can keep going and start to analyse the game and cards played one step at a time.

  • The second round begins with players being able to buy a Joker from another player.
  • As a result, the Joker hunt begins with players agreeing upon a particular amount, paying the same to the player and also placing it into the pot. 
  • As a result, you will have to pay the same amount twice and that begins to be the difference between the first round and the second round.

The Jokers from the initial round of the game are kept, but can be played again if a player buys it in the second round of the hand.

Card, Color, Burst

After the cards have been dealt to the players, three cards are dealt face-up at the table. The first card is the Joker value for the rest of the game round, the second card is the color of the Joker card. The third is burst, in which players will be forced to fold this card from their hand.

Closest to 555

Three cards are dealt to all players at the table. The players have the option to exchange one of their dealt cards to a new one from the deck. The best hand in this variant can either be lesser or greater than 5-5-5. With the player with the hand closest to 5-5-5 winning the game.

This game begins with three cards being dealt to the players. Players are now allowed to exchange one of their cards with a new one from the deck of cards. As a result, making the right card exchange can help you win the game. While players can exchange cards during the first two rounds, they can only exchange one card for each round.

Your reason to change cards is to improve your hand to get it as close as possible to 5-5-5-. Just as in 999, Closest to 555 game rules follow the same card values. 

  • All face cards (K, Q, J, 10) equals zero (0) value while other cards (deuce to nine) are ranked according to their actual number order. 
  • The Ace equals 1

Winner: Player with hand combination closest to 5-5-5. 

Cobra – Maatha

In Cobra, the player only receives one card from the dealer. Without taking a look at their playing cards, all players then take their cards and place it on their forehand. That way, players aren’t able to see their own cards but are able to see other’s cards. The player who has the highest wins the game when playing Cobra.

To start the hand players will have to place a set bet amount in the pot. After which, each pick their respective cards and now place it on their forehead. The player with the highest card wins this game and nobody has the option to fold or form a Joker. This game has many names around the world, and probably the farthest from classic Teen Patti. 


This game version very much follows the Hold’em Poker concept. Where there is a community board of cards players can use to form the best possible hand combination. The community variant has two versions. It can be played with three community cards or five cards in the community board.

  • In the three cards version, players will be dealt with two cards face down and one card face up, which is the community card. 
  • The five card version players will be dealt two cards face down and three cards face-up. Where again the face up cards are the community cards. 
  • To proceed forward and stay in the game, players will have to select one of your face down cards along with two face up cards to make the best hand combination. 
  • In the five card version, the dealer deals three face up community cards. 

Winner: Player who has best hand combination of hole cards and community cards.

Discard One

Players will be dealt four cards each, in this version of the game. After which, the Teen Patti players need to pick one from their hand to discard.  After the initial deal has been completed and all players have got rid of one card, the players will now continue to play the hand as a normal three card game. 

A variant named Discard One, clearly hints at a particular move, wherein you will have to throw one card away. Dealers will initially deal four cards, out of which the three best cards are to be kept and the last one is discarded. 

Winner: Player with best remaining 3 card hand. 


This variant begins with players placing the ante amount in the pot. And once the game round begins, players are dealt three cards and are also allowed to discard one to three cards from your hand. When you do so, you will be dealt a new card. However, drawing comes at a price, the cost of replacing one card is the ante bet. Which will be added to the pot. If you replace all three cards, it will cost ante x 3. 

Folding Joker

Folding Joker is a special variant that comes ahead with a different set of game rules. As the game begins, players will first receive four cards where one is kept separate and the other will be an unseen card. The separate card, by all means, cannot be included while forming a hand. Since one card from the set of three is shown to all players, that card is now a Joker to all players.

And when players decide to fold, the unseen card of that player becomes an additional joker card which can be played by all.  All the previous joker cards will remain in the game.

High Wild

In High Wild, a player’s lowest value card and all other cards with the same value are the jokers for that player. The player can then use the joker cards as a substitute for other cards to form the best hand.

High Wild is a variant wherein a player’s lowest value card, along with other cards in the game of the same value will be known as Joker cards for that player. So if you have a set of cards like 5-5-9, all your 5’s will turn into joker cards. Moreover, you also now have an option to substitute your 5’s for 9’s, and so get three of a kind.

High-Low Split

Also inspired from the poker world. The player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest will split the money in the pot at the end of the game round. To play this game, you need to know the difference between game rules of “declaration” and “cards speak”

  • Cards Speak – the game round will end up in a showdown where the pot is awarded to the rightful winners
  • Declaration – Players need to “call” the pot. Meaning, you show your cards to claim the pot if you have the winning hand. The dealer won’t look at your cards automatically. 

Winner of high-low split: 

  1. High hand – player with the best standard Teen Patti combination
  2. Low hand – the weakest hand combination 

Tip: If you have a mediocre hand, and there is a lot of betting going on. You are probably better off folding your hand, as the betting pattern indicates there is both a high hand and low hand in play. 


A set Ante bet will be placed into the main pot as three cards are dealt to all players, and three jokers are dealt on the table. As the game proceeds, players have the option to either choose ‘in’, which means you choose to continue to play, or choose ‘out’, which means you want to fold your hand.

If you choose to stay in the game, you need to place an additional bet and playing blind on this front refers to the fact that you can bet 1 – 2x the Ante bet. On the other hand, if players choose to play chaal (call and raise), you can now bet 2 – 4x the Ante bet. However, if you choose to fold, your cards become Jokers  and are kept in the middle of the table with the other jokers. 

If more than one player participates in the game round. Meaning, not only playing the dealer. The cards will be compared with the other players and the player with the best hand will win the game. If you lose, you will have to place the same amount in the pot.

However, the game does not end there because the remaining player, will face and play against the bank or the house. The dealer will shuffle the remaining deck of cards, and draw three cards at random. These cards are then compared to the player’s hand and the one with the best hand, wins the game.

Joker Hunt

Joker Hunt begins with the dealer dealing three cards to the players and later dealing some open cards on the table. These cards will be face up. The number of cards dealt is twice the number of players, before adding three more cards. So, if five players play in the game, the number of cards dealt open will be 5 players x 2 + 3 = 13 cards. In the next round, players will pick one open card and later discard another card.

If players choose not to pick any card, that player will have to turn face down one of their open cards. Hence, after two rounds, the game will remove one of the turned down cards and remaining cards are played as jokers.

King Little

In King Little, the smallest card of the player’s hand is the Joker. In addition, all the Kings are jokers as well. That means if you get a small card and Kings, you’re in a pretty good spot to win the hand! 

Kiss, Miss, Bliss

Kiss, Miss, Bliss is another top variant that brings in a dose of fun and excitement when playing cards. The game starts with the dealer dealing five cards to every player in the hand.

After the initial deal, players will have to combine two cards and make a Joker. You are free to pick any two cards of your choice. However, the goal is to come close to Kiss-Miss-Bliss.

While a pair with the same number is known as Bliss, a pair with two consecutive numbers is called Kiss and a pair missing one in the card sequence is known as Miss. As a result, there are three types of Jokers that you can play. However, you can only form one joker in each betting round and one among the remaining set of cards will have to be folded.

Consequently, forming three types of jokers is not easy as you get to start with one joker and lead the way into the next round. But with a little bit of thought and the right amount of skill, you can move ahead to not only seal the deal but make the most of this variation of Teen Patti.

Kissing Missing

With similar game titles come similar rules and thus, it makes complete sense to state that Kissing Missing is similar to Kiss-Miss-Bliss. In this game, players receive four cards each and choose cards to form a joker. Once that is done, players will be left with two regular playing cards and one Joker to play. As the name suggests, you aim to make two types of Jokers, namely, Kissing and Missing.

To form a Kissing joker, you need to make a pair. and to form a Missing, you need to form consecutive numbers. However, if you fail to create Jokers, you will fold a card and play the three regular cards. Once that is over, the game will move on as usual except for the fact that all players are playing Chaal.

Muflis – LowBall 

When playing the Muflis Teen Patti version, the player with the weakest hand will win the game round. Which means, Muflis is the complete reversal of the regular game. In Muflis the lowest hand combination will win. Regardless, if the card combination forms the lowest pair or the lowest flush combination. The player with the weakest hand will win the deal. 

If two players discover that they have the same hand, the one with the weaker ranked suite will win the game.

Odd Sequence

In Odd Sequence, all the rules are the same as traditional Teen Patti. The only difference here is the way you form the sequence. Unlike traditional Teen Patti, you need alternate cards to form a sequence in this variant.

Teen Patti variation players will be aware of the fact that the odd sequence retains the same old rules of the game. But there is one difference and it deals with forming a sequence. In order to get things going in this variation, you need to use alternate cards to form a sequence. As a result, J-Q-K is a sequence for the traditional variant and 9-Q-K is a sequence for this particular variant.

One-Eyed Jack

In this Teen Patti variant, the Jack of Spades and the Jack of Hearts are known as one-eyed jacks and they are played as jokers. Note that the Jack of Clubs or the Jack of Diamonds are ordinary cards in the game.

Pack Jack

In this variant, three cards are dealt to the players at the table and three joker cards are placed face up on the table. Whenever any player folds in the game, the cards of that player become the three new jokers. The new jokers are then placed on the table and replace the previous jokers and so affect the hand combinations of the players still in the round. 

Pairs Are Jokers

The game rounds start by all players receiving seven cards. Of these seven cards, pairs will be chosen and played as Jokers. To qualify for the game round, a player must have a pair. A player without a pair, will fold and lose the initial ante. Moving further, you will come across the showdown, where a player with the best three card combinations wins the pot. 

Plus Sign

The Plus Sign begins with every player receiving 3 cards and a plus sign is formed on the table laying down five cards. These 5 cards are known as joker cards and they don’t carry any value. In order to move forward, players will have to choose Jokers from either set of cards on the table. 

Red and Black

With this game, in the center of each Teen Patti game round one card will be dealt and if the card is red, the game will continue with rules and the value of the card declared as the joker. If the card is black, then the game switches to Muflis rules, in which the lowest value wins. 

Rotating Jokers

Rotating Jokers, like most of the other Teen Patti variations, begins its tale with 3 cards being dealt with every player. These cards will include two face-down and one open card. The open card will be known as a private joker card and it can be played as a Wild. However, if a player folds, their open card will become a joker for the rest of the players still in the game. But that also means you cannot use your card as the joker.

This process continues and forming a sequence is the main aim, to cash out the prize of the pot!

Lower Card Joker

In Lower Card Joker, or Lowest Joker, the lowest card in every player’s hand becomes wild. If that player has a pair of the lowest cards, the player has a very strong hand with two jokers! 


When you play stud, each player at the table receives one face-up (open) and two face-down (close) cards. The face-down cards are referred to as hole cards whereas the face-up cards are referred to as street cards. Besides these, all other rules are the same as traditional Teen Patti.

This variation takes a similar route as Rotating Jokers and includes one face-up card and two face-down cards. While the face-up card will be known as street cards, the closed cards are called hole cards. These are the only changes that have been added to the mix and the rest of the rules remain the same for this variation.

Sudden Death

This game variation differs quite a bit from the rest. The game round starts with the entire deck of 52 cards being dealt to the participating players. So if there are four players in the game, each one of them will receive a total of 13 cards. The process also includes players holding the deck of cards between their ring finger and thumb and dropping cards until one of the players shouts ‘stop’.

All players drop their cards on turn one after the other, the rest will have to shout ‘stop’ and you will have to stop when you see the first player shouting out the magical word. Once this process is done, you need to pick the card with the most value from the cards in the hand that is remaining and compare with what cards others have. 

Winner: If you have the card with the highest value, you will be declared the winner of this game.


There are many similarities between the game variants. As is with Temperature that get its style from the In-Out variant. The game rounds kick off with three cards dealt to the players. Three jokers are dealt face-up on the table. Once the initial deal is completed, players need to state whether they are in or out of the game round by using their thumb.

A thumbs up will tell that you stay in the game and a thumbs down will let players know that you are out of the game. Once players have made their decision, a Temperature card will be dealt face-up on the table. 

If the value of the Temperature card is between 7 and K, the highest hand will win the game. But if its value is between A and 6, the lowest hand will seal the deal. 

Wild Draw

Here, the dealer deals three cards to all players seated to play at the table. The dealer then draws a random card from the deck and places it face-up on the table. The randomly drawn card is considered as the joker card for all players.

The Wild Draw hand starts with the dealer dealing three cards to the players and then drawing a random card from the deck. This random card is then placed on the table face-up. As a result, it becomes a joker card for all players. The rules are otherwise the same, except for the dealer’s Wild Draw in the initial deal. 


How many variations in Teen Patti are there?

We have listed 38 well played and popular game variations. Many of these are played offline. Live dealer games online are available in different stake levels and mostly available online is the classic Teen Patti variation. It is the greatest and most played version of all. So why not try your luck at one of the best and trusted sites around, ComeOn Casino.

Which Teen Patti variation can I play online for real money?

The live dealer games offered by top tier providers, are available 24/7 with unlimited seating. You can chat with the dealer and other players at the table. These classic Teen Patti games are all played for real money, and you deposit with well known payment providers.

Which are the most popular variations to play Teen Patti?

The original version to play Teen Patti is still perhaps the most popular, but Joker and 10xBoot are also really popular game variations as they make for more exciting wins and bigger cash winnings.

What is AK47 in Teen Patti?

Ak47 is a variation of Teen Patti where the Ace, King, 4 and 7 are played as jokers. So, a player with any of these cards can use them as substitutes to form the best hand combination possible.

Last Updated on March 19, 2024