Online Teen Patti: All in One Game Guide

Looking for the best sites that offer Teen Patti online? We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Our in-house experts at has put the Indian online operators through their paces and selected the best online casino sites that offer Teen Patti to players in India, and indeed all over the world. Among other information we offer: 

  • The best Teen Patti sites for Indian players
  • All information about online Teen Patti game and its variations
  • Advice, tips and tricks to win more often

Best Online Teen Patti Sites

The sites that we list all have great experience in casino entertainment and will offer variations to players of online Teen Patti for free and for real money. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the game including the different game types, where to play and how to win. 



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Our team of experts at have put together a list of some of the best online casino sites in India that offer Teen Patti online, and many other popular games too, including Andar Bahar online, another very player popular Indian card game. Each and every one of these casinos are trusted and verified through the licences they hold, some of which include the UKGC, MGA, and the Curaçao eGaming licence. The sites we list also offer verified banking options, a range of gaming options, and customer service teams that you can trust with your information. 

History of Teen Patti

teen patti casino
Playing Teen Patti

Originating in the Indian subcontinent, “Teen Patti Indian Poker” has gained massive popularity throughout South Asia. The game has influences from three-card poker and it is also known as “Flush” when played in India. 

The game has a strong connection with something called Three-card brag, a British card game from the 16th century. Brag was a direct descendant of the game Primero, one of the many ancestors to poker, so it’s easy to see how the game found its roots.

Teen Patti means “three cards” in Hindi and has a number of different variations, as well as a storied history from the streets of India.

Different Types of Teen Patti

Teen Patti online is a really fun game to play and has many popular variations. The game has some similarities to poker, but with all the different types of the game, there are plenty of options to continue having fun. Originating from India but considering the increasing popularity of this Indian poker game, we find it no surprise there are earlier and exciting local Teen Patti card game variations around the world. 


With Joker Teen Patti, the dealer will pull out one card at random after dealing all the cards. This card and all others like it are declared as wild cards. 

Lower Card Joker

In Lower Card Joker, or Lowest Joker, the lowest card in every player’s hand becomes wild. If that player has two of those cards, it’s like having a pair of Jokers. 


When playing Muflis, the player with the weakest 3-Patti hand will win the game. It’s the complete reversal of the normal game, the lowest card will win whether it’s the lowest pair or the lowest flush. 


Sharing the same name with the assault rifle, AK47 has the letters and numbers of the title all as jokers or wilds. That means the Ace, the King, the Four and the Seven, of all the suits, will be wilds.

10x Boot

The Boot is the original starting wager in the beginning that players add into the pot for the winner. This game is the same as the standard version of the game, but the Boot is increased to ten times the value.


In Maatha, each player just gets a single card. Without looking, players put this card on top of your forehead so that other players can see your card. You look at the other players’ cards and guess if your card is higher or lower.

Card, Color, Burst

After the cards are dealt, 3 cards are placed face-up. The first one is the Joker value for the remainder of the game, the second is the color of the card, where colors will be the joker, and the third is burst, which players would need to compulsory pack from the hand.

Discard One

Players will be dealt four cards each in this version of the game. Players will then pick one card to get rid of and continue play as normal.

Red and Black

With this variation, one card is dealt in the center each round and if the card is red, the game continues as normal with the value of it declared as the joker. If the card is black, then the game switches to Muflis rules where the lowest value wins. 

King Little

In King Little, the smallest of each player’s hand is the Joker. Also, all the Kings are jokers too. That means if you get a small card and Kings, you’re in a pretty good spot.

Online Teen Patti Rules

With online Teen Patti, the game starts with the player placing their bet as the Ante. Then, three face-down cards are dealt to the player and the dealer. From there, you can decide to ‘see’ or play blind. If you play Blind, you’re essentially just doubling your Ante until you’re able to see the cards. Whilst if you choose to see your cards you will have the option to fold if you’re holding lower rank cards. 

Once you’ve seen them, they all flip in front of you, and you’ll try to make a hand. It’s very similar in the way that Poker works.

Hands you can get in Teen Patti: 

  • Trail (Trips)

A trail is getting three cards of the same value. It’s the equivalent to getting three of a kind or trips in Poker.

  • Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)

As a pure sequence, the player will need three consecutive cards all of the same suit. It’s the same as getting a straight flush in poker.

  • Sequence (Straight)

Whether you’re running high to low or low to high, a sequence is the same as a straight. Three cards all in consecutive order of different suits.

  • Color (Flush)

Much like a flush, any player having three cards of the same suit will qualify for a Color.

  • Pair 

Two cards of the same value, making up a pair.

In addition to the above hands, players can also win by getting a higher card than the dealer. Bear in mind that in online real money Teen Patti, if you’ve placed your Ante, gone in Blind and received a hand with your three cards and placed a Bet, you’ll be wagering 2x your initial Ante in total. It’s a game that can reward you with some really nice wins if you’re able to land the hands better than the dealer.

When you play with the Blind option too, you’ll receive some really favorable odds as well, even more so than your original Bet and Ante. However remember the dealer also has better odds to win when you play blind. This is why it’s called gambling! High risk, high reward, maybe. Always play responsibly and within the limits you’ve set for yourself. 

Teen Patti FAQ

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a traditional Indian betting game, much like poker. The game originated back in the Indian subcontinent and is popular throughout South Asia.

What are the rules of Online Teen Patti?

Players will be dealt three cards each in Teen Patti. They’ll place a round of bets and try to make the best kind of hand possible using a hand-ranking system, much like players would in poker. The difference being that you can play the game blind without initially seeing your cards, but still betting, and then only seeing them and betting again depending on the hand.

Can I win real money on Teen Patti?

There are many different types of online Teen Patti variations that players can play, and most of them can be played for real money at our top online casinos.

Which are the most popular variations of Teen Patti?

The original version of Teen Patti is perhaps the most popular, but Joker and 10xBoot are also really popular game variations as they make for more exciting wins and bigger real money winnings.

What casino is best for online Teen Patti?

There is no single best online casino for Teen Patti. We have listed the top casinos on our site that offer Teen Patti real money games online, and they offer fair and reputable casino services, with trusted banking options and welcome bonuses. Deciding on the right casino is the smartest way to play online Teen Patti.

Last Updated on December 4, 2020