Play Online Teen Patti Real Money Games in 2023

Look no further! We list the best casino sites to play real money Teen Patti online for you. Our in-house game experts at has put the Indian online operators and the Teen Patti cash games through the test. As a result, our team have reviewed and selected the best casino sites that offer real money Teen Patti games to players in India. Among other information our guide cover: 

  • Find the best online Teen Patti casino sites in India
  • Get welcome bonus to play real money Teen Patti in India
  • How to play live Teen Patti casino game and its variations?

Best Online Teen Patti Casinos

ComeOn Casino

ComeOn Casino

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Genesis Casino

Genesis Casino

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  • Generous Bonuses

The online Teen Patti real money sites that we recommend in our list all have great experience in providing real cash online gambling. These sites offer several game variations for playing Teen Patti online both for free and to play Teen Patti with real money online.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the game including the different card game types, bet stakes, where to play and how to win money. 

Teen Patti Welcome Bonus

Get Teen Patti real cash bonus

New players registering to play Teen Patti real cash games, will be eligible for a welcome bonus offer upon first deposit. Returning players will be able to participate is several other live casino promotions and reload bonuses offered.

Top List

Our team of casino experts at have put together a list of some of the best online casino sites in India that offer the possibility to play Teen Patti cash games online. These sites also offer many modern and classic live games. These include player popular Indian card games Andar Bahar online and Lucky 7.

Real Money Game Regulations

Through the valid real money gaming licences these sites operate under, each of the casinos can be trusted. They have been tested and verified by our team. Some of the well known international licensing authorities are the UKGC, MGA and Curaçao eGaming .

Teen Patti Casino Player Services

The Teen Patti casino sites we list offer players verified banking options, a great selection of live casino games, and a wide range of other online gambling options. This include slots, online lottery and sport betting opportunities.

You will also have access to 24/7 customer service teams that you can trust with your information. For any questions or concerns, most often replies are handled efficiently and responses found helpful by players.

Playing Teen Patti Online

  • Unlimited seating
  • Tables open 24/7
  • Live dealers

The biggest thing recently in entertainment is the advent of online casinos in India. Online gambling sites now offer their services to millions of Teen Patti real cash players in the country and the world.

Without a doubt, when looking at the numbers, the most popular card game for Indian players try their luck at online is to play live Teen Patti games.

Playing live Teen Patti for real cash makes it possible for players to enjoy a game play against a live dealer in real-time. There is unlimited seating, the tables are open 24/7 and the games can played both small stakes as well as high stakes.

So, it’s no surprise that playing online Teen Patti with real money online is one of the most popular live casino variants in India. This is also supported by the fact that the game developers with a fast pace keep developing more live Teen Patti version.

Play Real Money Teen Patti in Your Mobile

Play online Teen Patti mobile app
  • No need to download app
  • All games accessible in mobile web!

You can also play Teen Patti cash games in your mobile device or tablet. All of the sites are accessible and optimised to the mobile web browser. Some operators offer downloadable casino apps. By clicking the ‘Sign Up Now’ button you will be directed to the player friendly website of your device.

As such, all games can be enjoyed whenever and wherever you want to play Teen Patti online. Regardless if your smartphone is an Android, iPhone, Windows or other, you can play Teen Patti with real money online in India.

Bet On Teen Patti

Bet on Teen Patti is a new online version of real money Teen Patti available to play at Ezugi Casinos. Instead of the player betting against the dealer in the Bet on Teen Patti version, two 3 card sets are drawn at the table.

One set for Player A and another 3 card set for Player B. If you placed your real money bet on the right player you will win according to the paytable.

The Bet on Teen Patti games are open 24/7 with unlimited player seating. You can also find different bet levels. So these online Teen Patti real money games are available for both low stakes and high stakes real money bets.

One Day Teen Patti Classic

This Teen Patti online cash game version is an exciting take on combining the classic Teen Patti 3 card game with the betting style of sports betting exchanges. You can back and lay the positions in each hand, and so be able to win regardless of the outcome of the cards.

One Day Teen Patti Classic can be played in all computer, tablet and mobile devices.

Teen Patti Real Cash Rules

Play online Teen Patti real money

With online Teen Patti, the game starts with the player placing their bet as the Ante. An ante bet is an initial bet, to make sure there is some real money in the pot to play for and win.

After the ante is placed, the player and the dealer will be dealt three cards each face-down. From there, you decide to ‘see’, call the bet or play the hand blind. Which means you have not taken a look at your Teen Patti cards in the hand. When you play a hand ‘Blind’, you double up your Ante until you’re shown your cards in the end of the hand.

Similarly, when deciding to look at your hand after the initial deal, you will have the option to fold your hand. For example, when holding lower rank cards, that forms a weak hand. When you fold, you will lose your original bet amount.

Once you’ve seen the cards, they will all be flipped in front of you, and you’ll try to make a hand from the three card combination. Similarly, in the way how the game of poker works.

Hands to get when you play Teen Patti online: 

Teen Patti Casino Sequence
Teen Patti Sequence
  • Pure Sequence – Straight Flush

As a pure sequence, a player will need three consecutive cards all of the same suit. It’s similar to getting a straight flush in poker.

  • Trail – Trips

A trail is getting three cards of the same value. It’s the equivalent to getting three of a kind or trips in Poker.

  • Sequence – Straight

A sequence is formed when your cards run high to low or low to high. A sequence is the same as a straight. In other words, all three cards in consecutive order of the rank values.

  • Color – Flush

Much like a flush, any player having three cards of the same suit will qualify for the hand Color. All of the fours suits are in play. In other words, the four suits are spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.

  • Pair 

Two cards of the same value, making up a pair.

  • High Card

In addition to the online 3 Patti real money hands that we have mentioned above, players can also win a hand by getting a higher card than the dealer in the hand.

Real Money Teen Patti Tips

  • Set your budget and stick to it. Better start off with small stakes.
  • Claim your welcome bonus
  • Stop playing if you’re not enjoying it
  • Keep playing to practice to become a master!

Playing Blind

In Teen Patti online cash games, you’ve placed your Ante, you can choose to play the hand by placing a bet Blind. If you make a hand with your three cards and did place a Bet blind, you’ll now be wagering 2 x your initial Ante in total.

Playing blind in a game that can reward you with some really nice cash wins if you get lucky. For instance, when you land a better hand than the dealer, you will win your bet. Meaning, a weak hand you would have otherwise folded could win big when played blind.

However it is risky, so remember to gamble online responsibly and never for more money than you can afford to lose.

When you play Teen Patti online casino games with the Blind option as well, you will in addition receive some really favourable odds as well, which is more than your original Bet and Ante.

However, remember the dealer also has better odds to win whenever you play blind. This is why it’s called gambling! High risk, high reward, maybe.

Always play responsibly and within the limits you’ve set for yourself. Start playing your best Teen Patti and enjoy the gambling action.

How to Play Real Money Teen Patti?

Time Needed : 5 minutes

A few short steps away and you are ready to get seated at the Teen Patti online cash game table of your choice.

  1. Learn the rules of Teen Patti online

    To get familiar with how to play Teen Patti online, read our game guide written by our experts as well as the rules of the cash game. It is an easy card game to learn and master, but be familiar with the game process.

  2. Choose a Teen Patti real money casino

    Head to the top of this page and pick one of our recommended casinos. These sites all offer different real money versions of Teen Patti. Our listed Teen Patti real cash game sites have all been vetted by our team and are safe and secure. Once you’ve selected a casino site, register your new player account on the site.

  3. Make your first deposit

    Once you have created and verified your casino account, it’s time to top up your account. You may also be able to activate and receive a welcome bonus with added bonus money, on your first cash deposit. All casino websites we recommend offer safe and popular payment methods for Indian players. You can make deposits using UPI, NetBanking, PayTm and many more options.

  4. Choose your Teen Patti game variation

    20-20 or Live Teen Patti
    At the moment, online casinos offer several versions of the game. You can play Teen Patti Live; where you play against the dealer. Or choose to play Teen Patti 20-20, or Bet On Teen Patti; where two players receive cards and you bet on which player you think will have the better 3 Patti hand. With money on your account and game selected, you are ready to start playing real money Teen Patti. The payout table is available in the game window, which you can easily click open and view on your screen.

  5. Collect your cash winnings

    If you win at the end of your played real cash Teen Patti game session, the won money amount is immediately available on your player account. To exit a game session, you simply close the game window.

  • Any mobile or tablet device and computers. The Teen Patti real money games come fully optimised in Android, iOS and Windows.
  • Internet Connection, 3G, 4G, 5G

View Casino Teen Patti Real Money Demo

A game demo of how to play online Teen Patti casino games for real cash is sometimes available to view at the operators or game providers. If you are new to the card game, also known as online casino 3 Patti we recommend you watch the short Teen Patti real money game demos or watch a live stream from a real game in progress.

You can play anytime of the day, the Teen Patti online real money games are open 24/7. You can play online 3 Patti real money games fully optimised in both computers and mobile phones. Meaning you can play anytime and anywhere you’d like with a solid internet connection.

When playing in the Teen Patti Casino card games you can choose between different bet levels. There are several side bets options in addition to the initial Teen Patti casino or 3 Patti real money bet.

If you get lucky or simply like the live dealer at the card games, you can tip the dealers while seated to play online Teen Patti games. Have fun, enjoy the game and hope you get lucky and win real money!

Popularity of Teen Patti

Play Teen Patti Real Money
Playing Teen Patti

Live Teen Patti in India is an immensely popular card game. People have been playing these card games through generations. Also, it’s more like a family card game that can be enjoyed with people of varying age groups.

Today, there are numerous ways to enjoy the game and options where to play Teen Patti online. You can play at a live casino online together with your friends and family members. Or, potentially you can challenge others at the licensed land based casinos in India.

History of Teen Patti

Casino card game popularity

Originating in the Indian subcontinent, “Teen Patti Indian Poker” has gained massive popularity throughout South Asia. After which the online Teen Patti game now is also growing in popularity around the casino gambling world. The game was influenced by three-card poker, and the game is also known as “Flush” in India. 

The game has a strong connection with something called Three-card brag, a British game from the 16th century. Similarly the game Brag is a direct descendant of the game Primero, another one of the many ancestors to poker. Making it easy to see how the live Teen Patti casino game found its roots and now you can find Teen Patti sites everywhere.

Diwali Festival and Gambling

Teen Patti means “three cards” in Hindi, and has a number of different variations. As well as a storied history from the streets of India. The game also shares a close connection with Hindi religious festivals. Diwali, the festival of lights, is a celebration that brings family members together.

The festival also brings with it some social and household rituals that need to be followed by people. A major ritual is playing card games with family members and friends for real money, where all coming together to play Teen Patti is a prominent part.

This tradition comes from the belief that when playing dice with Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati proclaimed that anyone who gambles on the night of Diwali would experience prosperity over the next year. Hence, many households in India play games like live Teen Patti during the festival of Diwali.

Many local scholars in the country often place stress on the fact that the game Teen Patti in India has played an important role in the early rise of casino gambling for real money. This is evident from the fact that playing cards were in use in the country even before the Common Era. With time, European influence in the gaming area became dominant in the country.

Casino Teen Patti Game Influenced by Poker

There’s no doubt that as European traders arrived in the country, some of their habits and pastimes had a major influence on many Indians. And with the establishment of British Raj in India, the pastimes have been reported to include card games as well as other online casino gambling activities. The British made horse race betting popular at that time, and they also introduced some new card games in the country.

And this is what links the connection between when you play live Teen Patti real money games and Three Card Brag, a popular game which is still popular in the UK. The Indian Teen Patti version is also referred to as flush or flash and shares various similarities with the game of Three Card Poker. The Teen Patti rules are very similar to the Three Card Poker game.

Play Teen Patti Game Variations

Online Teen Patti is a really fun casino card game to play and has many popular variations with different Teen Patti rules. This 3 Patti game has some similarities to poker, both betting wise and hand ranking wise.

With all the different variations of real money Teen Patti, there are plenty of card game options to continue play and having fun. This card game originates from India. Looking at the growing player popularity of this Indian poker game, we find it no surprise there are earlier and exciting local Teen Patti game versions played around the world. 

We will go through the most popular game variations to play Teen Patti in our separate game guide. Variations which are mostly 3 Patti offline game versions. Read more here!


The Indian market is full of great online gambling sites. Select one of these regulated and licensed sites and you will surely have a great experience. Choose between playing games full-screen on your computer or fully optimised games in the Teen Patti real cash app. The games can be accessed via the casino mobile app, either download version or web version.

You will be able to make a deposit with your favourite payment method, as the most popular Indian payment methods are offered by all top tier sites. You will be able to complete the registration and start playing in a matter of few minutes!


What is Teen Patti?

The 3 card game Teen Patti is a traditional betting game, with similarities to poker. The game originated back in the Indian subcontinent and is popular throughout South Asia. It is growing in popularity globally after the launch of online Teen Patti games at the casino sites. This live dealer game is currently available to all real cash players through your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

What are the rules of online Teen Patti?

Players will be dealt three cards each in Teen Patti. Using a hand-ranking system players will place a round of bets and try to make the best kind of hand possible. Much like poker. In Teen Patti you aim for three-of-a-kind or sequence. You place the initial bet before the cards are dealt, after which if you like your hand place another bet. If your hand wins the dealers or opposite hand, you will be paid out according to the pay table.

Can I win real money when I play Teen Patti online?

Yes. There are many different online Teen Patti game variations that players can play for real money at our top online casinos. If you get lucky, you can of course win cash in your best Teen Patti game!

Which are the most popular Teen Patti variations to play ?

The original version to play Teen Patti is perhaps the most popular, where the game is played without a joker and best three cards win. However Joker and 10xBoot are also popular game variations as they make for more exciting wins and bigger cash winnings. We cover all well-known Teen Patti variations in our dedicated article.

What casino is best to play Teen Patti real money games?

There are many good options to rank for the best online casino for Teen Patti cash games. We have listed the top casino websites that offer you to play Teen Patti real money games. They offer fair and reputable casino services, with trusted payment methods and welcome bonuses. To decide which is the best Teen Patti online casino for you is the first step on the way to play real cash Teen Patti games.

What deposit methods can I use to play Teen Patti cash games?

You will many Indian payment methods to choose from. Including UPI, NetBanking, RuPay, PayTm and many more. When you play casino games with our licensed and regulated casino websites, your payments transactions are safe and secure as well as both cash deposits and withdrawals are processed fast.

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