Best Bitcoin Casinos Online in India (2024)

For players to gamble online and be able to make the money transfers with cryptocurrency is one of the fastest growing areas in the online gambling industry. We see that new Bitcoin casino sites open regularly. Thanks to various unique aspects of crypto and Bitcoin itself, the popularity of these sites will continue to grow. In this Bitcoin casino review we will cover amongst other topics:

  • About the currency – its history and design
  • How to use it at a crypto casino site
  • How to stay safe using the currency when gambling

Best Bitcoin Casinos India

Bitcoin casinos India

PureWin Casino

PureWin Casino

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Fun Casino

Fun Casino

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We recommend all our players to only play on sites that have valid gambling licenses. When you have ensured the site is regulated you know that you play on a safe and secure Bitcoin casino. You will also find that these casino sites will have partnerships with well known and established game providers and payments providers. Agreements that unserious operators would not accomplish.

Cryptocurrency gambling was originally largely unregulated. Therefore there may still be some scam casinos around. However the regulators and game providers are catching up. This welcomed development will  provide us with more licensed casinos options hat accept Bitcoin deposits.

Top Qualities of a Bitcoin Casino

The best Bitcoin casinos sites we that we list here are all well known and reputable sites. This is we say because:

  • With them you can play a wide range of slots and live casino games from the top tier game providers.
  • Certified and tested games
  • Welcome Bonus offer and free spins for new player registrations
  • Accept Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin deposits
  • Offers 24/7 customer support

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin casinos India

Bitcoin is a decentralised, purely digital currency and payments network. Unlike traditional government fiat currencies like the rupee, or payment methods like RuPay cards, the digital currencies do not rely on any single entity to issue the currency or to verify transactions. This makes transactions made with transactions much faster, cheaper, and more final compared to what any bank or traditional payment processor can offer. It also means that no party can block a transaction, like a bank or payment processor might do.


An anonymous developer or group of developers created the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in late 2008. They launched it in 2009. The launch occurred following the 2008 financial crisis that rocked global markets. Many people believe that the decentralised design of the system was an effort to create a form of currency that was free from the manipulation of central bankers.

The most striking aspect of the crypto currency’s design is its strictly limited supply. There will only ever be 21 million units of the Bitcoin currency. To enforce this network rule is the largest and most powerful network of computers the planet has ever known. Thanks to the limitations, many of the currency’s supporters compare the asset to a commodity – like gold, over a fiat currency – like the dollar or rupee.


The popular cryptocurrency system has functioned perfectly with near 100 percent up time since 2009. In comparison to other financial payment networks that must perform routine maintenance and update security procedures, the currency needs little support.

As a decentralised currency, there is no specific company that maintains the network for the currency. Any upgrades that do occur are the result of open source contributions from a dedicated global network of developers.

Thanks to its speed, low cost, and the fact that crypto transactions require no license requirement while still being highly secure, the currency attracted the interest of online gambling companies early on. There now exist many dedicated crypto casinos as well as Bitcoin casinos in India that accept both traditional payment methods and other cryptocurrencies.

How to Play at Bitcoin Casinos?

To be able to play different popular casino games for real money at the Indian online gambling operators, you’re going to need some Bitcoins (or cash, you can always also use traditional options). There are a few different ways to get hold of some:

  • Buy at a brokerage (like Coinbase) or an exchange (like Gemini)
  • Buy some at a peer-to-peer marketplace like LocalBitcoins.
  • Earn some from an employer – many freelance opportunities pay in the currency these days. It’s great for fast global payments and there is zero risk of charge back after you receive the payment.

The exact method you use will depend on your own circumstances and available payment methods. Crypto Exchanges or brokerages will often require you to submit identification documents upon the registration of your exchange account.

To use an exchange, you will also need a bank account or other accepted payment methods. Like, the traders at LocalBitcoins will often be more flexible with regards to payment methods such as eWallets and even cash in person.

It’s very important to download a suitable e-wallet to send your coins to after you receive it. You’ll also want to use it when you’re not playing since the currency, when stored by an individual, is much safer than even the money in your bank account. Wallets like Exodus or Electrum are ideal. You want an open source wallet that allows you to see your own private key.

The private key is the single most important detail of your cryptocurrency wallet. You need it to spend funds; and anyone who has access to it can use coins from your wallet. If you hold any large amount of coins, make sure you securely back your private key up and keep it private!

How to Deposit at Bitcoin Casinos?

Once you have your coins in a wallet with your private key, you are ready to make a deposit to a Bitcoin casino of your choice. There are currently different kinds of Bitcoin casinos. We will cover them briefly as it is good to know the difference in how they operate:

  • Standard multi-currency casinos – Traditional licensed online operators have started to accept payments in different cryptocurrencies. These are the sites we list in this article.
  • Pure blockchain casinos – Casinos developed using a similar database to that of Bitcoin. There are a few examples of successful blockchain casinos but they’re still very new. We expect to see more new casinos using blockchain technology in the future.
  • Centralised crypto only casinos – Some online casinos use casino software developed for crypto units in the games. These are run similarly on centralised servers, but only accept cryptocurrencies. These offer a very similar service to regular online casinos but all payments and bets are in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Therefore the game portfolio will be slightly smaller until all games are developed for both crypto currency as well as fiat.

Now you which different types of Bitcoin online casinos there are. However the deposit process at any of them will be largely similar.

  1. Click ‘Sign Up Now’ one of the trusted and crypto-friendly casinos listed here.
  2. If you need to register for a casino account, do so. Not all crypto casinos require registration.
  3. Click “deposit”. The casino should generate a public key for you to use within your e-wallet.
  4. Copy and paste the public key into your e-wallet.
  5. Enter the amount of coins you want to send.
  6. Check the amount and the address carefully. All payments are absolutely final.
  7. Click “send” from within your wallet.

You can check the progress of a transaction using what’s known as a Bitcoin blockchain explorer. Enter the public key from the casino into a website like and you should see if the casino has received the payment. If you make deposits from your crypto wallet to a standard casino, the transaction is faster as the mining already took place.

Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Best Bitcoin Casino India Bonus

New players to crypto casinos often are offered a welcome bonus upon registration. This is an incentive for you to sign up and for the best Bitcoin casino sites to be able to compete and stay ahead of other operators. When you activate a sign up bonus, you will have some more bonus money to play casino games with. Free spins bonuses will often be part of a welcome package. You can play with the free spins in the slot games.

Casino bonuses most often come with wagering requirements. So just remember to read the bonus rules, in order to know when you are eligible to withdraw any potential winnings made from the bonus money.

How to Withdraw From Bitcoin Sites?

To make a withdrawal from a Bitcoin casino is also very straightforward. Bitcoin withdrawals are much faster than many centralised payment methods. The network itself processes and confirms the transaction in a matter of minutes.

The low cost and ease of withdrawals using Bitcoin gambling sites means that Indian players can move money around much more frequently. This compared than players might do when using a centralised system. The majority of  fiat payment systems are centralised. Rather than leave large bankrolls at a casino, players can instead withdraw whatever they want after every online gambling session.

To make a withdrawal from a Bitcoin online casino, just complete the following steps:

  1. On the casino site, visit your account.
  2. Click “withdraw”.
  3. Go into your wallet and request a “receive key” or “public address”.
  4. Copy the string of letters and numbers and paste it when the casino requests an address to send to.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and hit “send”.

Again, you should receive the payment within around ten to twenty minutes.

Which Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

Still a new and slightly unknown payment method for the masses, many online casinos do not yet accept Bitcoin deposits. Whereas almost every casino accepts UPI, NetBanking or RuPay payments.

Of the casino sites that accept Bitcoin a large number are of questionable safety or quality. Most Bitcoin casinos actually used to operate without a licence. However this is now changing! As the regulatory authorities are catching up and also accepting Bitcoin payments under the license requirements.

The casinos listed here in this guide to the best Bitcoin casinos are reputable and trustworthy. Our expert reviewers have played at them and can confidently recommend these licensed and secure Bitcoin sites.

As one of the fastest growing corners of the casino industry, be sure to check this page regularly for updates. We frequently add new Bitcoin casinos to our listings.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Safe?

With many different types of Bitcoin casinos – some regulated and some not – you should know that not all Bitcoin casinos hold the same safety and security standards. Since the notion of cryptocurrencies is so new, few licensing agencies around the world have started approving of Bitcoin casinos.

To our knowledge, only the Malta Gaming Authority has licensed any iGaming sites that accept Bitcoin. Licenses issued are limited to a few casinos during the testing period until 31st of December 2021 to ensure authorities fully understand how to regulate the online Bitcoin casinos.

You can find Bitcoin casinos licensed under Curacao gaming licenses. Curacao licenses are however not as highly regarded on player protection as for example the Malta Gaming Authority is.

Since it’s such a potential minefield out there, we highly recommend only using regulated and safe Bitcoin casinos featured on this website. There are still examples of exit scams or poor security amongst the old online operators that accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Casino Games

Once you have sorted your deposit, you are ready to select any of the slot games or live casino table games available at the site. Since all our Indian Bitcoin casinos are traditional sites that accept crypto payments, all game stakes and possible winnings made from the games are shown in your chosen traditional currency.

  • Slot games – The free spins that often are part of the Welcome Bonus offers you can play with in the slots
  • Live Dealer games – Play the popular Indian card games and classic table games like Roulette and Blackjack.
  • Many of these online gambling sites also offer virtual sports and betting on sports.

Certification of Games

Play Bitcoin casino games India

The pure Bitcoin gambling sites (that often are not regulated and as such recommended against) have games that have been developed to support Bitcoin. So you will see the winnings and game stakes and in an adapted way. Due to the volatility of Bitcoin, they need to convert the value to the casino wallet.

The licensed RNG sites only provide games that have been tested and certified by independent third party auditors. This is a very important point to keep in mind. When you choose to play at a legit Bitcoin casino, you will always be in a safe and secure environment, playing games that are regularly audited.

Why Use Bitcoin at Casino Sites?

Although our warnings might sound like it’s dangerous, it is not when you know what to do. Bitcoin is actually a payment method that is well-suited to casino use. If you stick with our recommendations and only play at reputable online gambling sites, you will likely find several advantages to using the payment method. These include:

  • Deposit and Withdrawal speed – Fast transactions mean you can start to gamble online instantly (when you deposit from an exchange) as well as withdraw smoothly.
  • Safe transfers – There is no central financial entity controlling payments transactions with Bitcoin.
  • Border free  – Many payment methods are local and country specific. Bitcoin is a global currency without a connection to your local bank.


Is it legal to play at a Bitcoin casino?

International regulated casinos that accept Bitcoin payments are legal to play at from India. Bitcoin is a community owned global currency, therefore there is no current law against the use of Bitcoin in India. Playing at the different Bitcoin casino sites is safe and secure. 

Can I play Bitcoin casinos on my mobile phone?

Yes, the Bitcoin casino sites in India are developed and fully optimised for all mobile devices. Bitcoin gamblers will find the same games and betting opportunities in your casino app. Additionally, all payments wallets and customer support is also available through your mobile phone.

Can I play live casino with Bitcoin?

Yes. You will be able to play all popular live casino games at the sites that accept Bitcoin payments and offer live dealer games.

Are there anonymous Bitcoin casinos?

The casino sites that only accept Bitcoin are anonymous. Since all crypto transactions in a blockchain are anonymous for the player. Casinos that accept other payment methods will under license regulation still need some personal information, to be able to register your account. However you do not need to add any further information regarding your transactions. Casino sites that only accept crypto currencies, will usually just need an email address upon registration. 

How do Bitcoin casinos work compared to other casinos?

You will find the same casino games, deposit bonuses and player services on a Bitcoin casino. In addition to standard payment methods, the site will accept crypto payments to make deposits and withdrawals from the casino. To be able to play, your deposits will be either exchanged to the fiat currency of your choice or to a ‘crypto unit’ currency to be able to show the bet amounts and winnings in the game. This crypto unit is needed to be able to exchange several crypto currencies. As well as to be able to adapt to the fluctuation of cryptos by locking the crypto exchange rate at the casino. 

What can I play on Bitcoin casinos?

You are not limited. In the majority of the Bitcoin casino sites in India, you will be able to play all the real money games and betting options available. Select between, slot machines, live dealer games, video poker, virtual sports, sports betting and much more. 

Is there a Bitcoin casino bonus?

Yes. Players who deposit with crypto currencies can also activate a deposit bonus. A deposit bonus is often matched with your deposit amount up to a certain percentage. You will then need to wager your deposit bonus amount in the casino games as per the bonus requirements. Once the wagering is complete, you are eligible to make a withdrawal. The same rules apply for returning players and reload bonuses.

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